Is A One World Currency Coming?

Future Timeline Momentum Calculations
Private Session w/ Adronis of Sirius Channeled via Brad Johnson – 2016-10-09
Transcribed & Edited by Zach Hayter – 2017-07-23

In this article I’ll be discussing future predictions for free by answering the following questions:

What do you see changing in the World Financial System?
Is A One World Currency Approaching?
Is an Economic ‘Crash’ or ‘Collapse’ going to begin in 2017?
Predictions for 2017 – 2021 (approx.)?
What does channelled future timelines have to say about fiat currency?
Are there any World Economic Future Predictions for 2017 – 2024?

“The next global financial ‘crash’ will be basically in that sense what you would know as a smoother transition. Now understand that the basics of what’s happening is that the extremes that are taking place upon your planet relating to stock market transformations, other particular forms of market changes in that way, are basically giving you these indications that these extremes are happening but in that sense are also being balanced at the same time.

Understanding is truly, that there will be the idea of new financial currency coming together, but it would be very much in the idea of a transition of flow.

It will not create immediate panic because in order for that to happen, it needs to be a smooth transition, but basically many of your governments across the planet are basically in that sense aligning themselves in into a new routine, where they are basically abolishing old banks, and being able to be bring forth more of what they would refer to as their own local banks.

That are actually creating the idea of a network that will create new forms of financial opportunities in regards to your monentary systems.

So it is the idea that much of the change overs is happening will be very hush hush at first. But will eventually in that sense become more well noticed. But in that sense you will notice that there’ll be fluctuations within your market as it has been happening through the idea of your own stock markets. Through the idea of China, through the idea of the United States, throughout other different areas on your planet, again this is all part of the changeover as certain forms of old systems fall and new systems take their place.

So this is what we would refer to as equivalent exchange. Basically the idea that if something fails, such as a fiat currency system, something is right there to pick it back up.

So it would not be what you would refer to as a worldwide disaster financially, it is basically in that sense noticing that there will be, shall we say, shifts here and there that could be turbulent for certain countries. But this will in that sense be eventually transformed as new forms of financial currency are coming online.

The reason being is because your old methods pertaining to banks, central banks etc. are shall we say, passé, archaic, so basically they are being allowed to plummet. And so again this will not really affect the people primarily too much depending where you are in the world, in regards to your own finical states.

But again many people see it as something to panic about and this is why people in that sense have fear in spending their money.

It is the feeling that there is something taking place, that something is going to happen and that they may feel that they will lose a lot of their own money.

Now the whole idea is that in a way that is true, because there is the idea of the old system pertaining to the idea of fiat currency, in the way of these central banks to how they have been utilised, and are starting to plummet.

But as something plummets something also rises, so there will be changes taking place especially within the next year of 2016, to 2 years 2017, to 3 years 2018 of your time (channelled 2015-10-09). These will be in that sense very strong fluctuation changes, but again nothing will fall without something rising at the same time.

How will the world fiat currencies start the transition?

The countries that make up the Brics Alliance; Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – Will all move into reserve currencies, contained within vaults.

They are working together to create 1 currency, the process of which has already started Summer to Autumn of 2016.

It’s already started to happen through the country known as China – Russia will be next followed by the Ukraine.

Up until 2020 there will be an ever increasing reserve resource pool.

The US will hold out to the end to preserve the dollar and the UK somewhat the same due to the monarchy.

It won’t effect most as it will be kept under wraps. A smooth transition, but behind the scenes can be chaotic.”

So, there we have it. The multi-dimensional, timeless perspective of Adronis of Sirius on what timelines are gaining in energetic momentum as it pertains to a one world currency!

Thank you for reading 🙂

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