16 Questions To Ask A Channeler, Spirit Guide, Psychic, Medium or Non-Physical Being

The 16 Questions

1. Road Map of Inner-Work Required to Raise Your Vibration, Lower Your Density, and Ascend to 4th Density & The 5th Dimension

Please may you list in detail any energies, soul-mate contracts, past life vows, individuals from my past or present and any other influential karmic energies that are related to me, that are currently weighting me down, are not in my best interests, are in dis-service to me either physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually? My intention behind this question is so that I can have a map of the energies I need to focus on, in order to effectively carry out the inner work that I feel is required to integrate and transcend these energies, leading myself to a more enlightened state of being.

2. My Life Purpose

What intention did I set for this life time and am I on the right path to achieving this?

3. How Best Can I Serve

I wish to be of service to earth and to others. With my abilities, what do you most recommend I provide to earth and to others?

4. My Soul Origination

What is my soul group of origination?

5. My Vibrational Rate

If you could put a number on my vibrational rate, what would it be and how could I improve it?

6. My Spirit Guides

Do I have any Spirit Guides and if so please may you describe them?

7. How Could I Connect With My  Spirit Guides

From your perspective please may you describe how I personally could best connect with my spirit guides?

8. Learning From My Past

What can you tell me about my past that will assist me spiritually right now?

9. What Do I Need To Know

From your perspective what are the most important things I need to know about my life right now?

10. Could I Change My Behaviours To Accelerate My Growth

What behaviours, thoughts, and actions can I implement to accelerate my spiritual path?

11. Achieving My Aspirations & Dreams

What specific decisions and choices can I make right now to achieve my highest aspirations and dreams?

12. This Coming Year

What can I emphasise in my life during the next year that will facilitate my spiritual growth?

13. My Future

What can you tell me about coming future events that my knowing about would assist me spiritually right now?

14. My Mother, Father & Siblings

Please may you describe my relationship with, and the past we share as it relates to my Mother, Father and Siblings?

15. Did I Decide To Ascend

Prior to incarnating in this lifetime did I decide to ascend to 5D in this current incarnation?

16. My Opportunities for Ascension

How many windows of opportunity will I have in this life time to shift to 4th density / 5th dimension?

There seems to come a time in people’s lives when they start their spiritual journey and they have questions galore. Whether it stems from a YouTube video or reading a blog post or reading a book. It just blows their mind out of proportion unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before. And they have questions, lots of questions, and they need answers, but not just any answer. An answer that will come from a place of accuracy.

Personally my experience of this started back when I was around 13 years old, my friends and I found the video or movie, Zeitgeist. And that alone triggered something within me that opened me up to a whole new way thinking and perceiving my reality.

Now, I wouldn’t say the movie Zeitgeist is particularly stemming from a positive keynote, but it has still opened up the minds of many individuals across the world, opening them up to different possibilities that exist within the shaping of our own potential realities and beliefs.

A Big Gap

It wasn’t then until around 8 years later, while I was at university, that a friend of mine was heavily into studying conspiracy theories of all kinds. This then to me acted as another trigger and I found myself heavily immersed in all kinds of YouTube videos that year and into the following two years. This exploration really led me to develop many beliefs and ideas, including that we were all being controlled by an elite world management team that did not have our best interests at heart.

At one point it got so bad, or should I say negative, that I truly thought that the apocalypse was going to happen. Although I had no information on a specific time, I still thought it will would occur and it was imminent.

So in 2013, I developed such a strong sense of fear that I went and purchased loads of nonperishable goods and tinned foods and even a crossbow! I really was thinking the worst. I wasn’t asking many questions of either myself or anyone else for that matter.

The Beginning of Something New

Then over the year moving into 2014, I can still clearly remember an image in my mind of a webpage I had stumbled across. This webpage was a brief explanation of the late great Dolores Cannon, the past life regression hypnotherapist who has changed the lives of thousands of people across the globe. This raised many spiritual questions within me.

I certainly felt a massive sense of relief, just from looking at this webpage. I then decided to purchase three of her books, and just so managed to stumble across another book called the The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light. Not two months more into the future I then went travelling across the world and read these books. This answered many of the spiritual questions within me, but the search continued.

To sum it up, my mind and my perception of life and my reality was completely changed irreversibly forever. In the best way possible. It could be likened to the idea of a snake shedding its skin. Going through the Dark Night of the Soul I suppose, to then, would lead to the other side with such a sense of personal growth and development not much else could compare.

But what about the future?

However I still had a slight niggling in the back of my mind about what was to come for the future of humanity. I felt like I needed answers, answers that I know I wouldn’t be able to get from any typical human source, answers that I knew that for me personally, would have to come from a nonphysical entity.

And so I searched YouTube once again, this time looking for future predictions, and in particular channelled future predictions.

It was then that I stumbled across in an individual known as Brad Johnson – The Reality Whisperer, who channelled and who still channels Adronis of Sirius. It was his video titled something along the lines of 2015 and what would likely come of it.

Sceptical Indeed

At first I was a bit sceptical, it was the first time I had actually seen someone channelling a nonphysical entity. But then as I began to study Brad’s videos I came to realise my own truth in the words spoken by Adronis. The energy that was coming through Brad, it just was something quite unique the way that the English words were spoken, they were not entirely what I would call human, or at least, a human way of communicating English.

So it came to the point where I had developed questions I wanted answers for, and I then found out that Brad offered private sessions in which an individual could speak to the nonphysical extraterrestrial entity known as Adronis.

The Questions Where Made Ready

I had compiled quite a number of questions to ask Adronis, and I have compiled them here in this post for you to view, as I understand that asking ‘the right’ questions, or at least wording them in the ‘right’ way, can be quite difficult. It can, I know, I’ve been there and I’ve tried it myself!

So, I hope they come to as much use to you as they did to me, I’ve also tried to word them in a way that a nonphysical higher dimensional entity will be able to take on board and hopefully in some cases not question the way the question is being asked itself. But, that is all down to perception, and you can only find that out by asking the question.