4 Steps To Handling Spiritual Conflict

In this video I’ll be talking about Spiritual Conflict and how to handle it.

The idea of creating this video was sparked from a trigger I received from a friend of mine of Facebook.

Here’s the controversial post:

“Almost all ‘terror attacks’ in the past couple of decades have indeed been false flag government psyops designed to generate and instil fear into the masses. Anyone who does not or cannot align with this perspective either doesn’t even realise that they have been brainwashed, or have allowed their own realities to be edited and their energies intentionally sapped by otherwise malevolent external forces.
I can’t comment on London yet but all will be made clear soon I’m sure.”

The response I got was: “You’re a fucking moron”

So I replied with: “I’ll leave you with your perspective man.”

So it’s all about perspective. That’s his understanding and that’s my understanding. Both have equal value.

During this time of mass awakening on the planet I sometimes get triggered to share certain pieces of information like this that are authentic to me and my own spiritual path. I know people will see it appear on their Facebook timeline and some people will resonate with the info and some won’t. And that’s fine. I just know that I’m getting my own personal truth out there, and that’s all that matters.

4 Steps To Handling Spiritual Conflict

So how do I handle Spiritual Conflict or Confrontation?

I speak about this in greater depth in the video but:

1. I acknowledge and accept the mirror/reflection of myself that I have received.

2. To diffuse the situation and avoid drama I will usually write a one-line sentence such as: “I understand your perspective but I will leave you to it” or “I’ll leave you with your perspective”.

3. If anything further arises I will explain that they have their own perspective and I have mine.

4. In certain cases if appropriate I may provide further information on the subject in an attempt to help them see my own perspective, but this is very rare as it often leads to further drama and conflict.

This again is all down to individual circumstances. The best advice I can give at the end to summarise would be to follow your highest joy and excitement in any given moment and do what feels right for you. If the drama comes then so be it, work through it. It’s your journey. Just try to have fun with it, it’s a big game after all!

I hope this video helped.

Best wishes,

Zach Hayter

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