Electroneum Review

⚡️ Electroneum Review, Update, Price Prediction & How to Buy ⚡️

 Who is this video/article for?

People who have been sitting on the fence about Bitcoin.
People who have been sitting on the fence about Electroneum (ETN).
People who think that the ‘ship has sailed’ on the initial percentile growth potential of Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.
People who are now looking at Alt Coins to invest in.
People who are looking to make a speculative investment, large or small, with hopefully no expectations.

What is this video/article about?

Basically for the past few weeks I’ve developed an interest in a new alternative cryptocurrency called Electroneum. And this video I’m creating to tell people about it, because I felt that it would be in a sense, ‘selfish’ of me not to share it at this point in time while the price of Electroneum is at 7 Great British Pence each!


I’m NOT offering any form of investment advice, I am simply expressing my own thoughts, opinions and perspectives.
This kind of investment could be treated as a long term investment ‘set and forget’, unless you have some experience in trading forex or cryptocurrencies, or if you’re looking to make a small gain over a short period and then cash out.
Cryptocurrency markets are incredibly volatile at the moment and will be until around the year 2024. This is according to one of my favourite sources and guides, Adronis and Brad Johnson.
With this level of volatility, and similarly as with most types of investments, it is easy to panic when the price suddenly drops 90%, and yes, this does and can happen. So I recommend trying to be emotionally detached from the whole thing, unless you have a strong feeling that tells you otherwise.
Speculatively investing in cryptocurrencies carries a potentially high degree of risk, and as such I always tell people to ONLY risk what they can afford to lose.
The overall intention could be that you enter in to this investment feeling joyous and happy about it. As starting it from a place of fear or lack may cause manifestations of desperate actions leading to loss of capital. I’ve learnt this myself the hard way in the past with partially managed binary options trading.

What is Electroneum?

To make it clear, this video, is not about selling you on Electroneum. This video I intend to simply be a messenger of sorts, with the hopes that I will inspire at least one person to take action and potentially benefit from this new alternative cryptocurrency.

A few key facts about Electroneum

It’s one of the first cryptocurrencies founded in the UK to receive a decent amount of international coverage, both online and offline, before the coin went public.
The ICO (initial coin offering) token sale ended early on 19th October 2017 after hitting its $40million USD hard cap target. This money was raised by now over 420,000 people, making it one of, if not the largest, crypto token sale in history to date.
The coin was then launched on its first cryptocurrency exchange called Cryptopia on the 3rd November 2017.
After this initial first launch, the Electroneum team wisely restricted access to the Electroneum online and app wallets, after fears of potential compromised Gmail accounts among a select number of the pre-sale token buyers. To remedy this potential breach, and after hearing about another recent altcoin being hacked, the ETN team purchased the services of HackerOne, a reputable hacker testing service provider who 4 weeks later, on or around Friday 8th December 2017, confirmed that the Electroneum team had made their entire system virtually ‘hack proof’ from the get go. So this was a good pre-caution to take anyway.

Why is it a good investment?

One of the primary intentions behind Electroneum is to make cryptocurrency available to the masses. It intends to achieve this via its app and online account systems which can be used to store Electroneums, mine Electroneums, and last but not least, to send and receive Electroneums to other Electroneum wallets anywhere throughout the world, at very fast speeds and with very low transaction fees.
To gain popularity and exposure, the marketing team has to be on point. One way the marketing team intends to expose the product/service to the masses, is by breaking into the 2.4 billion user desktop and mobile gaming market by creating a currency that can be exchanged for virtual goods between various games and platforms. For example, I want to buy a new sword in Skyrim, but all my money is in Candy Crush. So this, if adopted, could become a huge disruptive element within the gaming industry.
That said, there are however other cryptocurrencies, that as this video is being made, are currently going through their token pre-sale, such as NagaCoin, which is going to be targeting the same market with a very similar intention. But I won’t be covering that in this video.
The team behind Electroneum are completely transparent on the Electroneum website. I haven’t digged too far into the history of any one of them in particular, but the Founder of Electroneum Richard Ells and the Electroneum team have extensive history in the digital business arena, and are well known for creating the Customer Relationship Management web based software known as Retortal.com, which is currently in use by the likes of AirBNB and Uber. The Electroneum team have multiple UK Bachelor’s degrees between them in subjects directly related to computer science, software development and marketing, making them in my book a perfect fit for what Electroneum will need moving forward.
The systems behind Electroneum are incredibly secure and considered by some to be ‘hack proof’. There is lots of two-factor authentication for example.
Within the home based entrepreneurial business owner communities and the cryptocurrency communities (of which both are very heavily intertwined), the amount of exposure that Electroneum received during its token sale, led many of these Entrepreneurs and speculative investors to purchase ETN coins.
Due to the nature of the Electroneum systems, most notably the app, along with other key points mentioned, I personally feel that Electroneum has candidacy for widespread adoption.
Electroneum is currently being held by hundreds of thousands, soon if not already millions, of investors across the globe as a long term aspect of their cryptocurrency portfolios.
There are many more advantages, and of course disadvantages to the value that Electroneum brings to the table, which will not be discussed for the purposes of this video/article.
For further information about Electroneum I would recommend reading the Electroneum White Paper and reading through the Electroneum website after watching this video. Links will either be in the description or in the comments.

So what about the price?

When Electroneum first launched on the Cryptopia exchange on 3rd November 2017, the coin was placed in 1038th position in terms of Market Capitalisation out of all the cryptocurrencies currently in public circulation.
As said, the Electroneum Online and App wallets were then made inaccessible by the ETN team so that HackerOne could carry out their preventative security work.
HackerOne took around 4 weeks to complete their systems analysis and checks, so then on the 13th December 2017 @ 12pm noon GMT, the Electroneum team re-launched the Online and App Wallets as planned.
Right now, less than a week after re-launch, the coin sits with a market capitalisation of over $330,000,000 USD, which then bought Electroneum to 45th place in the Market Cap cryptocurrency list, which in my own opinion means that more speculative investors will be seeing Electroneum organically within the Market Cap list when prospecting for new up-coming crypto altcoins.
As you can see from this graph, at the exact time of the December 13th re-launch, many of the people who purchased Electroneum during the token pre-sale decided to dump some of their Electroneum portfolio after realising around a 1,000% or 10x growth on their initial token investment.
The price now just under a week later had been steadily going down for the past few days with somewhat of a consolidative trend overall, and which hadn’t breached its lower resistance.
The price within the past 24 hours, at the time of recording, has increased by around 43%, where it was at 4p GBP a coin, it is now at 7p GBP a coin.
I knew this growth would happen and that’s why I wanted to produce this video over the weekend just gone, but couldn’t due to other priorities.
Regards to potential price of Electroneum moving forward, I’ve heard many different predictions. Some believe the price will reach $1 USD by March 2018. Others believe it will reach between $10 – $35 USD by the end of 2018.
I do not know where this information was sourced from, and personally I feel it is somewhat ambitious, but given the very nature and track records of other cryptocurrencies, a price increase such as this could potentially happen.
There are other factors to consider, such as people who will be getting their salary pay cheque between the 21st – 31st December, who may very well have made the decision to invest more. This in my opinion makes now a great time to buy, even at 7p a coin. But of course as stated, I accept no liability on this information just provided.

How to buy Electroneum?

At this moment, Electroneum is only readily accessible to buy from other people selling Electroneum on the New Zealand based cryptocurrency exchange www.Cryptopia.co.nz. However, the Electroneum team are in process of getting ETN listed on other more popular crypto exchanges.
I have put together a step-by-step how to video guide on how to buy Electroneum using Coinbase and Cryptopia.


Electroneum is a new alternative cryptocurrency which is currently poised to potentially gain exponential growth in price value. The team running the show behind Electroneum to me appear to be solid in terms of fit for purpose.
I’ve personally bought over 36,000 ETN and I will likely purchase more moving forwards with little to no diversification within my portfolio, at least not right now. I’ve chosen not to diversify as the following struck a chord with me recently from one of the most successful investors of all time, who once said:
“When it’s raining gold, put out the bucket not the thimble.” – Warren Buffett
As said, I’ve made this video with the intention of informing people about a potentially worthwhile investment that could benefit them in the long run.
I’m not a financial advisor and what you do and what information you choose to act on in your own life is ultimately up to you.
Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the absolute best. I love you all, and I hope you have a great Christmas, and an even better 2018!

How to buy Electroneum using Coinbase and Cryptopia