I’ve been scouting out that video on YouTube called
Channeling – Debunked (New Age Channelers Exposed)

Jeez 😂

I have personally been studying channeling for the past 5 years.
It’s something that I personally feel has helped me expand my mind in all kinds of ways.
In this article I hope that my interactions with ‘movax20h’ may give others another perspective on the following:

  • What other perspectives are there on channeling aliens and ETs and non-physicals?
  • Is channeling a scam?
  • Does channeling need to be debunked?
  • Is the new age community full of crazy people?
  • So.. here comes my interaction with this guy…

    3 months ago I wrote this comment on this video:

    “Zach Hayter 3 months ago
    3rd dimensional science will never figure channeling out. As soon as they start looking into quantum for answers, they may find them.”

    To which someone seemingly open-minded replied:

    “movax20h 18 hours ago
    @Zach Hayter so I hear claims of this things are in other dimensions or multidimensional. How do you (or these channelers) know to make this claim? And if you don’t why or know what it means why you make this claim? If you are sure. Please explain what do you mean by dimension or multidimensional stuff in this context. Without a definition it is absolutely garbage talk.”

    To which I replied:

    ​”Zach Hayter 18 hours ago
    @movax20h Information about the other dimensions within this universe will ALWAYS have come from higher dimensional sources. If it has not come from higher dimensional sources then it will have come from human mind/ego. A considerably more limited perspective in most cases.

    A foreword… you may see the words ‘God’ used below but this is NOTHING to do with RELIGION. Let me clear that right up now. This is modern quantum spiritual science I am talking about.

    This following information about the dimensions has been channeled by a channel that I believe has a strong connection to their cosmic source, and is well trained in not allowing their ego/mind filters get in the way of the feelings they are receiving through their crown chakra and then have to relay that feeling into words. As you can imagine, having to relay pure feeling into words CAN allow room for distortion of the original message, this is one thing that people must be wary of when discerning channeled information.

    1 Existence, non-biological – the central iron crystal core of Earth, Earth’s electromagnetic grid, gravity, the densest dimension
    2 Instinctual, animalistic – the telluric realm, chemical, radioactive, mineral, crystalline essences, the crystal elementals between the core and crust, lay lines
    3 Intellectual, logical, rational mind, ego – the physical body, the surface of the planet, linear space and time on Earth, the lower self
    4 Creative impulses, emotional, imaginative, psychic, intuitive – the astral body realm, just outside of the 3D visible light spectrum
    5 Love, pure intelligence, insight – the heart, feelings, creativity, the centre, the higher self, the Akashic records
    6 Causal level, soul level (last level of individuality) – morphogenic fields, record bank of all 3D ideas, geometrical matrices of 3D creations and desires, sacred geometry
    7 Oversoul level (group consciousness) – holds the orbits of stars and planets in place in the Galaxy by means of 7D photon bands or galactic information highways of light
    8 Avatar level (a high level of mastery) – cherishes and guides the quality of existence of all beings in the dimensions below, the Cosmic Order Galactic Federation who manage the galaxy
    9 Christ level (unconditionally loving consciousness) – the centre of the milky way galaxy, the least dense, like a great jellyfish of light that enjoys receiving information from the suns that induce cosmic orgasms making eternal waves and pulsations in the Milky Way
    10 Cosmic level (cosmic consciousness)
    11 God level (God consciousness)
    12 Universal level (Universal consciousness)
    13 The Void, the Great Mystery, un-manifested creation

    Please feel free to ask me anything else around quantum spiritual science.”

    To which he replied:

    “movax20h 34 minutes ago
    @Zach Hayter ok. Let’s deconstruct what you said. Just first sentence. What is ‘other dimension’s? What do you mean by “higher”? How do you know information about them will always come from other dimensions? If that is true, there are some connections to them, that connects them to “our dimensions”, and the information is actually only accesible in “our dimension”. Ergo information we actually see if from our dimension, and we do not know if the ultimate source is actually from our dimension or something else. Ergo, it is not falseiable.”

    I then replied:

    “Zach Hayter 17 hours ago (edited)
    @movax20h In regards to other dimensions, it all comes down to vibrational density. ‘Other dimensions’ other than the 3rd dimension exist because they are either more or less dense than the third dimension.

    ‘Higher dimensions’ (first of all know that there is no superiority complex when it comes to this idea), the higher dimensions are essentially everything from the 4th dimension and above. The 4th dimension itself is only JUST outside of the visible light spectrum we are able to perceive with the human eye.

    A ‘typical’ human incarnate on this planet typically has zero access to perceive anything beyond the confines of their mind. That is because of the heavy density of Earth, as a particularly dense and compacted planet for its relatively small size. It causes a form of ‘amnesia’ when we are born. So we come in completely devoid of any knowledge or memories. This is why information about the concepts I am relaying here HAVE to come from the ‘higher’ dimensions. Because if they didn’t come from the ‘higher’ dimensions. They would either come from the ego/mind, which would likely be a distorted pile of misinformed nieve bullshit, or it would come from the 1st or 2nd dimensions, but that’s another idea.

    There’s an aspect of you that is 9th dimensional right now as we speak, all the way down to your own 3rd-dimensional physical vessel you can perceive with your own senses.

    Yes. All of the dimensions are intricately interwoven and intertwined. It filters down from the 9th dimension (the least dense) all the way to the 1st dimension.

    All is connected. All is one. There is ultimately no such thing as ‘separation’ at the quantum level. However, the paradox is that everything in the 3rd dimension appears to be separate to our logical minds.

    “Ergo information we actually see if from our dimension, and we do not know if the ultimate source is actually from our dimension or something else. Ergo, it is not falsifiable.” – EXACTLY. Now, this is the catch…

    It takes both open-mindedness and good self-discernment to navigate through this kind of information. This is where the judgemental mind must sit aside, and one ultimately must rely on their feelings (their heart, which is seat of one’s 5th dimensional non-physical body) in tandem with the thoughts that those feeling trigger our minds to conjure, to discern whether or not a particular piece of information resonates with them personally or not.

    AND THIS is the problem many people have. They are either not open-minded enough to even ENTERTAIN this kind of information. Or they blindly listen to and believe everything they hear.”

    So there it is! I know this is just a snippet of me sharing my truth with this guy. But I hope it helps add a a persective that could help with someone wondering the same thing!

    Best wishes, Zach