How To Heal Your Trapped Emotional Traumas

How To Heal Your Trapped Emotional Traumas

How To Heal Your Trapped Emotional Traumas

So You Can Experience Your Best Version Of Reality

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The perspectives that I share here today are a culmination of what I’ve learnt over the past 6 years of my research.

Some of what I share here may seem very ‘out there’, so I advise you exercise your own discernment and take what is right for you.

As ultimately, everything you could ever need to know, resides within your own heart.

This process I am sharing here is a culmination of channeled teachings from non-physical higher-dimensional extra-terrestrial beings that include: Archangel Michael, Yeshua the Christ Consciousness, Adronis of Sirius, The Pleiadian High Council of 7, The Arcturian Council, Bashar, and Abraham Hicks. I have also added my own twist to it from my own personal experiences to make the content more relatable.

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of The Law of Attraction?

So, the understanding is that we are vibrational beings living within a vibrational universe.

When we are feeling heavy emotions, or attaching ourselves to heavy beliefs, we will be more vibrationally aligned to creating a “harsher” experience, that perhaps we do not prefer.

When we are feeling a lighter emotion, and consciously choosing the beliefs that we prefer, we will be more vibrationally aligned to creating a “lighter” experience for ourselves.

And who doesn’t want “lighter”, happier, more enjoyable experiences?

My favourite analogy to describe how this works is, you’ve set your radio dial to 98.5 FM, but you want to attract experiences that are on 103.2 FM.

So, all you have to do is raise your internal vibrational frequency dial, to come into alignment with those experiences you would prefer.

This holographic universe will always reflect back to you, the vibration you’re putting out in any given moment, just like a mirror.

So, I’m a vibrational being that creates everything in my reality from my vibrational offerings in any given moment, but why is it important for me to integrate my trapped emotions?

Traumas that you’ve experienced in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes affect your current vibration.

Even if you are not consciously aware that they are doing so, they affect your decision-making, they affect the things that you move towards, and the things that you move away from, and that includes people.

Your traumas are stored in various parts of your body, your chakras and your energy field, and you carry them with you like baggage in your life.

Our traumas tend to bleed through to our different senses in the following way:

Trapped Traumas > manifest > Heavy Emotions > manifest > Harsh Thoughts

So, thought always comes after feeling.

So, what do we do to remedy all of this?

You have the power to change your internal reality, which will then reflect out into your external reality, just like a mirror.

With your power of total freewill, yes you can make more “positive” vibrational offerings in order to manifest a quality of your reality that you wish to experience.

And yes, you can choose belief systems that positively impact your vibration, and do not limit those manifestations from coming about.

And of course, you can integrate your current and past life trapped emotions, reducing their heaviness down layer by layer, to the point where they no longer influence your vibration.

This modality of self-healing is on the leading edge in terms of its effectiveness in reaching very high levels of personal inner-development and self-empowerment.

We are addressing the deepest darkest parts of ourselves, in order to transmute that heaviness into the light.

And what do we then begin to experience more of? A brighter reality, filled with more love and joy, and we attract people who match our new vibration.

If you are on the ascension path, then dealing with your trapped emotions are of paramount importance and this practice should be taken very seriously.

So now I’m going to take you through a process you can use to acceptharmonise and INTEGRATE your trapped emotional traumas into the whole of your being.

The Process (Introduction)

This process works when you are both emotionally triggered by an external situation.

And also, if you wish to heal your trapped traumas on demand.

Before we begin, I’d like to talk about how we commonly judge our experiences and the labels we assign to our emotions.

We all have our own unique egoic mind filters that we perceive our reality through.

If we judge and label our experiencesthoughts, and emotions as ‘negative’, we ultimately push those things further away from us.

Our goal in this process is to make peace with, and integrate that fragmented part of ourselves back into ourselves.

So be mindful of the labels and meanings you define to your more challenging experiences.

There is always a positive aspect to every situation, and it serves you best to look for how an experience has served you, rather than only at how you feel it has harmed you

Part 1 of 3

If you are looking to heal your trapped traumas on demand, I would suggest first that you realise what your core karmic traumas are, so you know what to focus on.

I invite you to bring yourself back to each moment of your life where you feel you have experienced any harshness, and then write each of those memories down.

Then apply a number to each one between 1 – 10 based on its level of intensity.

All human traumas can be bottled down into 3 categories: AbandonmentRejection and Abuse.

And all 3 of them ultimately stem from a feeling of lack, a lack of connection to source.

Part 2 of 3

The following 2 steps I have linearly defined as separate, however I invite you to practice and experiment with interweaving both steps together. Because they are both intimately connected. PROCESS Emotion ♾ OFFER Compassion.

Now, pick a trauma from your list that you wish to work upon.

First recognize how the trauma has served you in some way.

Look for how you may have benefitted yourself or others by having had those experiences.

Now, take a neutral, observational stance, and do not attach yourself to the experience.

Witness the trauma as it occurred, without trying in any way to change it.

Be the witness of your younger self, as he or she experienced that trauma.

Now, focus your attention on your physical body and feel for any sensations that come up while reliving that memory.

Once you have located a sensation, whether very subtle or super intense.

Put 100% of your conscious attention onto that area of your body and breathe, breathe, breathe.

Let whatever emotion you are experiencing to expand through your breath.

Keep going, no matter how painful it may feel.

The key is to simply let the emotion express itself, as much as it feels it needs to.

Let the emotion unfold naturally, do not force it to end.

Keep letting the emotion express itself, and keep breathing.

Keep breathing until you come back to a more calm and centred space.

Part 3 of 3

Now, we bring in A. Compassion, B. Love, C. Forgiveness, D. Affection to integrate and harmonise the trauma.

This process of offering compassion may stir up further emotion.

This is a good thing, just continue to breathe as you go about this process.

Now, comfort that younger version of you with your unconditional love, your compassion, your support, and your willingness to be there.

Hold him or her in your arms, perhaps even kissing that version of you on the forehead.

Hold the space for that version of yourself to receive exactly what he or she needs.

Bring that version of yourself into your whole self.

Bring that version of yourself into your heart and welcome him or her home.

Say to that version of yourself:

“You are valuable to me. I cherish and treasure your presence within me. You are welcome to come home now. I love you.”

“I allow you to be here. I accept and embrace you as you are. I recognize you as a part of me that wants to be expressed and loved unconditionally.”

You can say affirmations and offer compassion, love, and affection to that version of yourself in other ways that feel right to you personally.

See him or her as strong for having been willing to take on such a powerful experience.

Know that you are better off in this moment for having accepted and welcomed that version of yourself back into the wholeness of your heart.

Continue to breathe and offer compassion until you come to a space where you feel lighter.

Breathe into the strength that you feel, and recognize the wholeness that you are.

You are one with your entire universe, and all of your emotions and all of that energy which is included in that which you are.

Well done. You have integrated and harmonised a layer of that trauma.

When you feel that you are fully ready, repeat this process for all traumas that you feel are still weighing you down.

The more that you practice this, the higher your overall vibration will become.

The higher your overall vibration, the higher quality of reality you will experience. Both internally and externally.

Additional Tips

Now, if you have felt wronged by someone else, in relation to the experience of your trauma.

Send that perpetrator the same love and compassion and acceptance that you have just sent yourself.

For he or she is also experiencing that shame and that judgement whether you know it or not.

Begin to see it as a co-creation that you both agreed upon.

To give you, that particular experience so that you could now have this one.

Thank You

I hope this helps you on your path. May you live your best life 😊

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