Quantum Channeled Future Timeline Predictions Of The Far Future & World War 3

Quantum Channeled Future Timeline Predictions Of The Far Future & World War 3

Hi, my name is Zach Hayter and in this video/article I’m going to be presenting, what I am also calling, Channeled Future Timelines: A Vision for New Earth, hosted by Zion Zeta’s The Symposium, which you can find here: www.zionzeta.com

UPDATE 19th August 2020:

As timelines have shifted since the original writing and recording of this content, it is my understanding that there will no longer be a solar flash or solar event.

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~~~ An ‘elevator pitch’ for this video/blog production ~~~

The aim of this information is to enlighten, enrich and expand minds across the globe.

For people seeking divine insight into Earth’s future, who have a need for information pertaining to the greatest potential future timelines of Earth based on quantum momentum calculations.

Unlike other scientific future predictions that are based solely on current third dimensional scientific understandings, the information contained within Channelled Timelines has been based entirely from both quantum momentum calculations sourced from benevolent higher dimensional entities (many of whom exist in our future in this now moment) as well as insights from past life regression and future life progression hypnotherapy sessions conducted within the past 4 decades.

If you are searching for guidance, enlightenment or information on what the most probable timelines and predictions for Earth’s future are, then you need not look any further than this video/blog entry.

My own personal story

In 2018 I’m currently 27, but my story into the start of my journey into all of this, really began back when I was 15 when I first watched the movie Zeitgeist.

This film planted some seeds in my awareness, the feeling that perhaps there may be something more beyond our collective perception of reality than what we’re conditioned to believe is true.

Then 4-years later in 2010 a friend of mine at University started talking about the idea of 9/11 being an inside job.

This then began my 5-year journey of going so far down into the rabbit hole by exposing myself to all kinds of alternative news, video documentaries, books and information.

This was information from the likes of Alex Jones, David Icke, Prepare For Change and various other alternative news outlets and public figures.

I found lots of correlating information from various sources regarding very heavy ‘conspiracy theories’, about how humanity has been enslaved upon this planet by a dark presence from another universe for millennia, and that they wanted to reduce the population of the world down to 500-million.

I had to go through this self-created rabbit hole of sheer darkness between 2013-2014, feeling that myself and humanity were going to get wiped out somehow.

This time for me I could liken to the idea of The Dark Night of the Soul, I was the metaphorical snake shedding its skin.

Because then my perspective started to change again in late 2014 right into 2015.

I stumbled across information from the likes of Dolores Cannon, Barbara Hand-Clow, Barbara Marciniak and Brad Johnson who were speaking about the potentials the world was heading towards.

At first, I was very sceptical of a lot of the spiritual-based information I was looking into, as I was very caught up in the idea of disinformation being everywhere, so I didn’t know who or what to trust.

But I just kept my mind open and kept exposing myself to new ideas, and then the dots slowly started to connect with everything I had been learning up until that point.

So over time, I went from being in a very low vibration of fear in 2013-2014, to now in 2018 where I couldn’t be happier about the directions that both myself and the collective are heading in.

My hope for this work I have collected together is that it may inspire someone else who is going through the process of ‘shedding their skin’ of their old fear-based beliefs, and to perhaps help catalyse their own personal awakening a little bit further and step into more of their self-empowerment.

The following information is what has personally helped ease my own fears and anxieties about the potentials of my own future and the future of the human collective on Earth.

I hope that wrapping it all up into this neat little package and putting some of my own essence into it where appropriate to help connect the dots, may help someone else who’s currently going through something similar to what I once did.

An important note on discernment

When we look at the idea of channeled future timelines and predictions, it is important to understand that the future is never set in stone because it doesn’t exist.

While our higher selves know everything that is going to happen to us from birth until death, there are still infinite amounts of timelines that really bond themselves together based on the momentum of energy on a collective co-creational level and an individualised creational level.

Just becoming aware of a potential future timeline can cause it to change. And as such, all collective and individual timeline predictions mentioned here are subject to change and fluctuate.

What I am about to report represents a variety of different frequencies or parallel universes. This means that you may not actually experience those futures if you are on a different frequency.

Some of the following timeline information was received via progression hypnotherapy sessions between the 1970s and 1990s when there were still some significantly less-than-desirable collective timelines that still had some momentum.

For example, some of these timelines included World War 3 WWIII timelines of which thankfully, in 2015 were completely averted and nullified.

So this is an important factor to bear in mind when discerning these timelines for yourself, as some of the timelines shared here may now in 2018 be in one way ‘past their sell by date’, of which I have marked them as such.

The information relayed through the Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy QHHT sessions are the words coming from the individual being hypnotised, so the perspectives and dates they are sharing are very personal to them and their own path, so it can be helpful to consider that you might experience something different.

When the word ‘will’ is used, to describe ‘the way something will be’, this will imply that there is a strong momentum towards that something coming about, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen on your own personal timeline, or that it will happen at all.

So basically what I’m saying here is, the ‘future’ is not set in stone, and the ‘future’ is different for everybody.

Whether you want to see the information shared here as truth for you or not is entirely up to you. You can take it or leave it. For really only you know within your own heart as to whether this information is right for you.

Where do these predictions come from?

Here are 4 examples of how this future timeline information has been sourced:

  • Quantum momentum calculations sourced via channeled benevolent higher dimensional beings, entities and collectives (many of whom exist in our future in this now moment).
  • Past life regression and future life progression hypnotherapy session data conducted within the past 50-years.
  • Psychic medium-ship via clair-intuitive abilities.
  • Astral projection and remote viewing.

Information shared here I have combined from different aspects and elements of the above mentioned four sources.

Please note that the feelings that have come from higher dimensional non-physical beings via a seasoned and thoroughly-connected channeling conduit are likely to be conveyed into words with the least amount of ego distortion.

However, in progression hypnotherapy, the client can be in some cases more subject to letting their own mind filters get in the way of the feelings they are attempting to interpret into words.

For example, before the session the individual may have already developed a belief system about certain aspects of what life may be like in the future.

This belief system can have the potential to colour their personal experience and expression of feeling during the hypnotherapy session.

I have put this information together in its raw format as much as possible, but in more of a condensed version containing a combination of different perspectives between channeled non-physical beings and QHHT future life progression hypnotherapy sessions.

I have done so with conscious awareness of avoiding letting the filters of my own mind/ego distort the original information. Despite admittedly being naturally biased towards helping create the most optimal temporal reality for Humanity.

What are the dimensions and densities?

In order to understand the idea of ascension, I feel it helps to understand the ideas of the dimensions and densities.

Here I will briefly explain what the dimensions are and how they work, the teachings about the densities will not be directly covered here.

1 ~ Existence, non-biological – the central iron crystal core of Earth, Earth’s electromagnetic grid, gravity, the densest dimension

2 ~ Instinctual, animalistic – the telluric realm, chemical, radioactive, mineral, crystalline essences, the crystal elementals between the core and crust, lay lines

3 ~ Intellectual, logical, rational mind, ego – the physical body, the surface of the planet, linear space and time on Earth, the lower self

4 ~ Creative impulses, emotional, imaginative, psychic, intuitive – the astral body realm, just outside of the 3D visible light spectrum

5 ~ Love, pure intelligence, insight – the heart, feelings, creativity, the centre, the higher self, the Akashic records

6 ~ Causal level, soul level (last level of individuality) – morphogenic fields, record bank of all 3D ideas, geometrical matrices of 3D creations and desires, sacred geometry

7 ~ Oversoul level (group consciousness) – holds the orbits of stars and planets in place in the Galaxy by means of 7D photon bands or galactic information highways of light

8 ~ Avatar level (a high level of mastery) – cherishes and guides the quality of existence of all beings in the dimensions below, the Cosmic Order Galactic Federation who manage the galaxy

9 ~ Christ level (unconditionally loving consciousness) – the centre of the milky way galaxy, the least dense, like a great jellyfish of light that enjoys receiving information from the suns that induce cosmic orgasms making eternal waves and pulsations in the Milky Way

10 ~ Cosmic level (cosmic consciousness)

11 ~ God level (God consciousness)

12 ~ Universal level (Universal consciousness)

13 ~ The Void, the Great Mystery, un-manifested creation

Is this the most important time in the history of the universe?

This is the first time in the history of the Universe, that an entire planet like Earth, with all of her particular associated attributes, is changing its frequency and vibration to shift and ascend from the 4th dimension to the 5th dimension, from 3rd density to 4th density, with all of the beings upon her surface that wish to, ascending with her at the same time.

That is why it is said to be the greatest show in the universe, and everyone from many different galaxies and dimensions is watching to see what is going to happen.

Why is this happening now?

Earth precesses into Aquarius every 26,000-years when each Mayan Great Cycle completes and then begins again.

A new intention is created at the beginning of each approximately 26,000-year cycle, and four of these cycles–approximately 104,000-years, always entails a major evolutionary leap.

There are 2160 of these 104,000-year cycles, within one 225-million-year Galactic Orbit and 2160 is the number of years in the procession of one zodiac sign on Earth.

Twelve zodiac signs precess in one exact 25,920-year precession known as the Mayan Great Cycle.

According to both Aztec and Mayan cosmologies, December 21st 2012 was the completion of a 104,000-year cycle composed of four 26,000-year Mayan Great Cycles. This coincides with the cycle of the Four Great Ages of the Aztecs, who say Earth will be entering into the Fifth World.

2012 is also the completion of a 225-million-year Galactic Orbit since the introduction of the reptilian species on Earth. And now a new evolutionary intention is being set for the next 255-million-year orbit, which Earth will experience for the first time as a 5th dimensional / 4th density planet.

What is causing the shift?

There are a number of aspects to it.

  • During the Ages of Aquarius and Leo that span for 2160-years each, our solar system enters the Photon Band which emanates from the centre of the Milky Way.
  • Due to the higher vibrational frequency of the photonic light, it causes the objects within its path to become less vibrationally dense. Dimensions that can’t hold the galactic tone will not be able to remain in form in the Photon Band.
  • So, energetic upgrades from the central sun, Alcyone, and the galactic centre, via the Photon Band are a part of it.
  • Energetic upgrades and impulses from non-physical collectives across the Galaxy, especially those that are genetically linked to us and consider us family.
  • It is the beginning of a new 255-million-year galactic orbit.
  • It is the first time in the history of the universe that an entire planet is ascending. So it is the most important time in the history of the universe.


The solar system started dipping into the photon band in the late 1950s.

This is one aspect that contributed to the start of the Love Revolution movement in the 1960s.

Earth was in the Photon Band from March 16 to 23 in 1987, just before the Harmonic Convergence, then precisely half of the solar system was immersed when the Photon Band reached our Sun at winter solstice 1998.


Earth’s entire orbital path was engulfed in this tidal wave of light at winter solstice 2012. Eventually, the whole solar system will be totally in the Photon Band. During the next 2060-years, it will travel all the way through it.

Earth’s new crystalline electromagnetic grid becomes fully activated.

Throughout 2012-2015 many less-than-desirable timelines that included the idea of World War 3, were completely averted and nullified.

In 2016 Earth became a 4th density compliant planet.

In 2018, tens of thousands of Galactic Confederation ships come into our Solar System to see which ascension timelines we will follow. This is the most ships that have ever been in the solar system at once during its entire history.

There will be The Solar Event which will not just be one solar event but a series of events that lead up to one large event.

The Solar Event would have happened in 2012, however, Sol our Sun agreed to wait because the human collective was not karmically and vibrationally prepared at that time.

The Solar Event could happen within one of the following windows, but as with all dates, these are based on the momentum of that moment when the information was bought through, and as such, the momentum can alter its course, so please use your own discernment:

2018-2023/24 – Corey Goode shared in 2018 this time window from the Anshar, the Egg Heads and the Smart Glass Pads.

2023 – In 2018 I was personally told by the Arcturian Council that it would be 5-years from then, making it 2023.

2028 – Daniel Scranton stated in a live interview with Todd Medina in 2018 that he was of the understanding that it was going to be 10-years from now.

2118 – Adronis of Sirius has stated (2018) that there is a 5% potential of momentum towards The Event being postponed for another 100-years.

This Solar Event will knock out all AI influences and electrical technologies that can be affected EMP across the entire planet.

This makes possible the landing of Galactic Confederation extraterrestrial ships, our cosmic cousins who share our genetics.

The final sneeze from the Sun will have a big impact on the consciousness of the people and the planet.

How people will handle this blast of energy will depend directly on their mental and spiritual states prior to the blast.

Those who have dealt with much of their karma and have been doing their inner shadow work to better their emotional and spiritual health will remain virtually unscathed. While those who don’t will need quite a lot of assistance from others.

Those who are at least 51% positive and who have lifted much of their karmic debris, density and weight, will, in their own time after The Event, lock-in to the 5th dimension / 4th density.

Where they will then begin to experience both of the dimensions, while those still in 4D will not really be aware of those in 5D.

Many will continue to remain in higher 4D to serve others and for their own reasons, but over time more and more people will lock-in to 5D.

Alison Coe QHHT Client 1 – An Experience of The Event

The following is a really quite a wonderful example of a future life progression.

She’ll be at home in the US Pacific Northwest near Portland, she’ll be awake, she’ll be looking out the window, she’ll be watching it come at her from the South.

It’s all different colours and it looks like a wildfire, like coloured smoke rolling in.

It’s all huge, miles high, it’s going to lay her down and everybody’s going to need to lay down. She’s going to be vibrating.

It’ll be affecting everything physically; it will not just affect humans but the whole planet. It goes through everything.

It looks iridescent like coloured cellophane, like rainbow smoke. It’s so overwhelming, people’s natural instinct will be to stare, some will tingle all over and vibrate.

It will change people emotionally, physically, mentally, on all levels. She looks the same, not much older and she doesn’t have more grey hair.

The sky is pretty, it’s really pretty. People are stunned, it takes a while and so nobody does much right away. Everyone is laying down; the energy is coming from the south.

She sees people running in the streets and they’re really scared. It will come in the day, in the afternoon, in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

It changes everyone, she’ll be moving on to 5D and the new earth. The solar flash is a precursor to moving into 5D, it’s instant she said.

The sky is lavender and an iridescent colour, she knows something is different, she will stay on the earth but it will be the earth in 5D.

She’s still laying down; it takes a while. This energy is going to be moving through people and then it’s going to stop them in their tracks.

People come out of their houses just standing in the streets afterwards, it’s the very very beginning of 5D.

It takes some processing time but some senses will change right away, some senses will take a bit longer.

She’s vibrating really hard; she’ll have new abilities after her body processes the energy.

If you can’t handle the energy, it’s better to just move up and out of the body, move on and come back later if you want.

If the body can’t handle it, then the consciousness should move out and come back later. Not everyone will be there in the fifth.

There’s not everyone on earth, they departed during the wave. They don’t die, they go elsewhere, they go to ships.

The deciding factor is the choice of handling it or not, so whether or not that individual feels that they can handle this energy, the ships will be in the upper atmosphere ready.

Some individuals will go on these ships to other planets similar to Earth, to continue their experience of the 3D game. – Dolores Cannon, The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth

Beings start to come down after the light flash to teach. Not to rule in any way, but to help us clean up the oceans among many other things.

Everything is just so pretty and sparkly in the new earth.

She says to tell people about the wave so they don’t get scared, but they may not believe you.

She will be home, she’ll see brightness, she’ll feel it as love and energy.

The bright light will last for only a minute moment for some and a long time for others, it’s life changing for all though.

If people are in precarious positions they will be put in a form of suspended animation. Everyone will be cared for and continue to change.

Some will stay for a while but are able to go or ascend as soon as they want. Many will remain, and many will go.

The majority will go within 3-5-years, once they ascend they can go anywhere and nowhere everywhere at once.

If you want to be here and you want to be on earth you look down, and if you want to travel somewhere else after this event, you start to focus up and out she said.

Alison Coe QHHT Client 2 – At The Event

She came to a moment when she and her husband were on a camping trip near a beach in Oregon.

She said there was a rainbow cloud, that was the catalyst, they were at the beach when it happened. They see it coming over the ocean from where they were in Oregon.

She knew the energy was coming at some point and she felt it before she saw it. She sees it very slowly approaching from the south like a rolling iridescent fog coming in.

She wanted to breathe it in. As you breathe it in its healing and revitalising. Her body soaked up the energy because she didn’t resist it.

She and her husband are sitting holding hands and are so happy that it’s finally here and sense that it will change everything.

To her it felt like peace, love, knowing, connection, alive and bright.

There are other people on the campground who are confused and frightened, and she gets a feeling that she needs to walk amongst them and tell them everything’s going to be ok.

Because she is acting like everything is ok, they then start taking cue from her.

She and her husband get back to Portland from their camping holiday, where there was a lot of confusion. The kids were absolutely fine, but some of the parents needed help.

Her son is a doctor, who is very good in his field but really couldn’t align himself to see his Mum’s perspectives. So that was a bit of a gap between them. However, after The Event, he starts to look at her differently, he thinks maybe she’s not as crazy as he thought after all!

Alison Coe QHHT Client 2 – 6 months after The Event

Alison moves her forwards to 6 months after The Event, and her husband says that it somehow feels less crowded.

There are no strangers anymore, everyone has this being-ness about themselves, each other, the trees, the animals and everything in general.

It changes everything when you look out externally with that in your heart.

Governments are a little more willing to listen after The Event. We can’t do factory farming anymore, the water has to be good, you can’t just dump your junk into the water. And there’s a lot of clean-up to do.

On a personal level, she felt like she just wanted to go dancing around and hugging everyone.

That perhaps because she breathed in that initial iridescent wave that she let in through a state of surrender, she didn’t have any trouble with it.

She said she felt more crystalline, much physically lighter. It was as if the process had started to change her physically from a solid state to a more transmutational, iridescent type of crystalline. She says this is what love is.

She said she is a first responder and she hit the ground running. She is going around helping people by being present, soothing and touching them if they are happy with that.

All the while she is ecstatic, trying to contain her energy while going around helping people.

Her higher-self was bought into the session. The reason why she was shown this lifetime, she said was because she didn’t know if she would be there on the New Earth, she didn’t have any feeling of it.

Now she’s going to have a hard time waiting. She can stop worrying about which way the Earth is going.

She is an Elder; she acts a bridge between the wisdom of the Elders with the playfulness of a child.

Alison Coe QHHT Client 2 – The same life but later on

She also experienced during the session the following, which she felt was still her in this lifetime but later on.

So she drops down and the sky is blue and beautiful, there’s a wonderful waterfall with rock and moss. Lots of really big trees like giant oaks.

The air feels light and fresh like she’s in a tropical paradise. Not palm tree tropical but tropical.

She has sandals on but feels like she went barefoot a lot.

Everything is light and breezy and shimmery.

She looked at her skin and she noticed that all of her freckles are gone and she has a beautiful tan as if she’s used to being outside a lot.

She feels like it’s her in her current life but a number of years later on.

She has a big thick shimmery white pearlescent braid, and she’s wearing beautiful stones.

She feels crystalline within herself, and everything feels crystalline and iridescent.

So she’s still her, but she’s stronger, it’s a version of her that she’s always wanted to be, that she always hoped to look like and strived for.

She’s an elder in this life, and she’s still an elder at that moment, but she’s not old.

She can do anything she wants to do; she can jump she can land.

She could almost fly if she wanted to. She said the leaps are so fun as if she’s defying gravity as though gravity is different, it doesn’t feel so thick and heavy.

The place she’s in is inhabited with a community, but it’s not densely populated. Things are spread out more.

She lives up in a tree house, kind of like Swiss Family Robinson, and the area is kind of like a playland.

Most people live in the trees. Not everybody, as there are other types of houses but most people live up in the trees, with bridge boardwalks between the trees.

She lives there with her husband and he’s reading under candlelight. He looks a little younger but still has his salt and pepper grey hair, and is much more buff and stronger. She said he would be very happy to see this.

They spend their time making things such as pots and there are crystals all around.

There are no cars around so her husband will be sad about that as he’s a car buff.

The crystals they have are used instead of telephones, it’s like a network, done respectfully, in the form of requesting the other person’s presence and asking to connect. These crystals can be used to connect with potentially anyone. You don’t hold the crystal, you just put your hand on a facet of the crystal for it to work.

People spend a lot of their time tending, playing and creating with colour. They can love something into being, not a romantic love, but more manifestational within how they layout their homes and what they choose to have within them for example.

There’s no work type feeling, more just tend, play and work with the plants to grow food.

Their family feels close by, they’re not in the immediate environment but they are close by.

She definitely feels that she is on the New Earth. She and her family walked across the bridge to get to this new version of Earth. The bridge was available and pretty much everyone was going so they decided to go.

Adronis of Sirius on 2016-2024

From 2018-2024 all of the corruption within our governments, corporations and societal structures will be completely exposed.

The government, as we know it now, will cease to exist.

All of our old systems will be completely dissolved with new systems, governance, educational and political form put in place.

These new governments will exist to serve the people, and no longer the other way around.

Any governments seen to be not serving the people will be exposed and removed.

This is very much like what Iceland has created with their now people-powered government, this is the direction the collective is heading towards.

This span of time will represent one of the most heated moments in the history of Earth.

The cabal, or however you wish to term them, were not expecting to be exposed in the way that they are.

And as such, their system is crumbling beyond repair and they are frantic.

Many countries will start to unify together for a common alliance.

There will be no more empires on this planet, ever again. Because we will see how powerful we are as a collective unit.

Through this common alliance, much more grass-roots developments will slowly start to take place in regards to transportation, free-energy technology, educational systems and the dissolving of fiat currency, that were previously being suppressed by the old world management team.

In order for us to change, we must work on ourselves at an individual internal level, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The more of us that work on ourselves in these ways, the more the collective consciousness will continue to lighten and evolve itself.

Practising self-love to oneself, in all ways, is paramount at this time.

Working through and feeling into trauma triggers to harmonise with them and transmute them.


We will continue to pull out more of the roots of the old system.

Housing and shelter will start to change.

Some will have started to leave the cities to form communities and more will continue to do so, on the lead up to and around 2030 there may be somewhat of a stampede.

Food cultivation will start to change, there will be more farms and we will start feeding each other.

There will be various organisations working together to create more wilderness, to green the deserts and transform other somewhat harsher environments into more habitable states.

Through new advancements in being able to nullify radiation, areas such as Fukushima and Chernobyl will be made re-habitable. This technology will use magnetic fields and frequency acoustic vibrations, and will also allow us to clean up our air and water supplies.

Pharmaceutical industries will start to slowly be on their way out as vastly superior healing technologies become available.

Certain holographic regeneration technologies will be released that have been kept under lock and key for a long time. This technology will not use stem cells, it will use photonic energy to map and re-coordinate with the genome to reproduce new limbs and organs, within minutes.

Countries such as Germany, India and Russia already have these new forms of medical technology. They are also working on re-vamping teleporters, portals, zero-point free-energy, Tesla coil and acoustic levitation technologies for humanity to enjoy.

Free energy and acoustic anti-gravitation levitation technologies will be released to companies and public scientists to reverse engineer.

Space exploration on the public level will begin before 2030, introducing us to the concept of becoming a galactic collective, and marking it as a benchmark period.

Extra-terrestrial disclosure will have significant talks around it. The collective will be slowly drip-fed, in a way, a series of unveilings first about off-planet plant life, to creatures, that eventually lead to the disclosure of other sentient life in our solar system, upon Earth and rest of the cosmos.

By that time, the vast majority of people will already be certain within themselves that other civilisations exist beyond our world.

Monetary systems will change and will no longer be fiat in the times ahead as it will move towards gold-backed tender and cryptocurrencies.

In summer to autumn 2016, the BRICS Alliance countries started the process of moving into reserve currencies contained within vaults. Moving towards one currency.

It started to happen through China, Russia will be next followed by Ukraine. Up until 2020, there will be an ever-increasing resource pool.

The US will hold out to the end to preserve the dollar and the UK somewhat the same due to the monarchy. It won’t affect most as it will be kept under wraps. A smooth transition as observed from the outside, but behind the scenes can be chaotic.

This process is being instigated through a group of Chinese Elders, who have long had the best interests of humanity at heart. There is much momentum towards the idea of universal basic income.

All debt will be erased on an individual and collective level. That means credit cards and loans et cetera.

Not too much detail has been shared about the financial reset and what will happen after The Event, as it is supposed to be a surprise for humanity. Many people’s higher selves will not allow them to become aware of certain details.

The dark ones, the deep state, cabal wish to sabotage this from happening but they will not succeed. Everything is going according to plan.

The blockchain technology used with cryptocurrency will be used for the new global currency, but this may only be for a short period.

We will be moving into a lifestyle which does not require money. Instead, things will be bought together through cooperation and instant manifestation.

A distinction between the 3rd and 4th density crowds will begin to become clearer.

The 3rd density crowd will be moving more towards artificial technology, into AI and virtual reality, to create digitized versions of the astral realm.

Many will want to have their bodies put in stasis, exploring this idea of cybernetic transhumanism.

The 4th density crowd will be moving more towards states of naturalness and the ‘technology’ of consciousness, wanting to start eco-villages and be more indigenous.

There will be many forms of choices and divisions within society, which means that this will lead more to the aspect of a physical split that’s happening upon our planet.

Those who are open and agents of change, and those who do not want to change at all, will see a large segregation that will happen at this time.

Those who have their 9-5 jobs, who feel that they have no control over their life, they are completely victimised by their own emotions and mentality, will form one Earth. Some call this the Old Earth.

Those who are open, who are expanding, who are enriching and developing themselves, who see that humanity is a collective, will be part of a 5th dimensional / 4th density Earth. Some call this the New Earth.

Many 5D abilities such as telepathy and astral projection will start to become more available to us.

There will be a massive surge of spiritual upbringing where many people will start to feel like they are blossoming and changing within themselves to a large degree.

Humanity will start to become more humanitarian. People will come together through fellowship and will be helping and serving one another.

Tesla coil and zero-point free energy technologies are already being implemented as a worldwide backup system in the event of extreme solar storms.

This has been happening in secrecy through executive orders distributed among world governments.

The building of both Tesla coil and zero-point energy plants throughout the world will draw power from Earths torsion fields or the electromagnetheric grid.

These virtually untapped energy sources will be available worldwide for free once fully established.


Clean energy and clean travel will be in full swing.

People come together to form strong communities and people-powered organisations, not through the idea of disaster, but through naturalness.

Governments that the people will allow to exist will align to serve people and not the other way around.

All of this will change first before ET contact on a global level will come.

There will be pockets of ET contact at The Event, with growing pockets from then until mass open contact which will happen before 2060.

People will start to see themselves as unified ‘Citizens of Earth’, not citizens of a particular country or entity.

Over the next 2 to 3 generations we will become aware of our connection to all things. We will begin to understand more of our immortality, and as such people will naturally start having fewer children.

Earth at the moment is capable of sustaining approximately 9-billion people upon her surface. When the population reaches 9-9.5-billion there will be new innovations, events and situations taking place to transform the plane that we are a part of to accommodate this amount of incarnate 4D / 3rd density humans.

Through new technologies there may be the idea of celestial orbital cities, floating sky cities as well as underwater and above-water cities to help accommodate such a populace.

The Agarthans, the inner Earth people, may come out onto the surface around 2055-2060. Along with Sasquatch, the Mantis beings, orbs, nature spirits and even the Fae, will start to come out to say hi.


We become entirely immersed into a 4th density planet towards the very end of the 21st century.

At the very end of the 21st century, weather modification technology will become available to us, so people will not have to go through intense floods and droughts anymore.

During the 21st-century, world peace will finally become a reality. Peace lasts for 300-years.

The Earth will undergo geographical changes; scientific progress will be very evident.

Hunger, greed, jealousy, prejudice, and other negative aspects of society seem to have been almost entirely eliminated by the end of the 21st century.


Free energy and solar power will be incorporated into everyday life in the 22nd century.

We will fully understand that there is no such thing as death.

The lifespan of the average adult will be increased to over 90-years.

Many types of diseases are finally cured.


Earth is fully graduated to a 4th density society.

The moon leaves its position as our satellite. This is because the social experiment was a success, so this aspect of the experiment is no longer needed.

A unanimous vote was made and the moon was told to leave. So all involved in the creation of the moon go to a different planet to continue their experiments.

The technology upon the planet was capable enough to re-create all of the functions of the moon so the moon was no longer needed.


Sol our sun enters the age of Aquarius. Some Aquarian Age archetypes are that of unity, community, equality and brotherhood.

Between the 22nd 23rd and 24th centuries approximately, a type of Sirian technology will be given to us.

We will reverse engineer it and it will power the planet.

This is the same technology the Sirians once gave to the Atlantians, a combination of crystal and pyramid technology that taps into the Earth’s crystalline electromagnetic grid.


Celestial travel to different solar systems will become a new experience for many. The Earth herself will become an intergalactic exchange centre for beings all across the galaxy.

New buildings and structures will start to be constructed more so in alignment to nature, incorporating organic foundations. There will be a huge reduction in using artificial materials to create structures.

Religion will hold out until the last person who still holds value to any particular organised faith.

The major religions will hold out saying that ‘we are the only way’ and will try to coerce their followers, but many people will see through that.

The extremes that have come through religion will slowly start to decrease over time. People will eventually realise that their sanctity and wholeness, comes from within themselves.

The complete dissolving of all religions all together will come about around the 23rd century.

The following timeline information was received via progression hypnotherapy sessions between 1970s – 1990s.

The 23rd century will be characterized my noiseless and efficient transportation.

Nuclear power is used extensively and is safe and clean. Experiments in weather control are a top priority.

The average lifespan is now over 110. Politically, the Earth is democratic with two major groups.

One is called the Western Federation of Nations and is composed of North America (including the U.S.), South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The Eastern Alliance is the other group and is made up of Russia, China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

Past Lives Future Lives Revealed P. 155

The year is 2271 AD, the client’s name is Amygdala.

There are white lacy curtains in front of a window. Within the room there are silver plates lined up on the wall, they had emblems on them but no writing.

Near the wall was a couch and chairs which had a cubicle design. This was his home, and that day was the day of rest.

He would normally be working as a craftsperson, creating silver plates.

He makes them for people as a service, and there are very few others who do this kind of work as a craftsman.

The plates are made of silver; they are a means of currency. People go to him for his work so that they can have plates made for them too, as it increases the value of the metal.

Some of these clients work in law, manufacturing and transportation. The kind of transportation involving molecular reassembly, a form of teleportation, which is fairly new at this time.

Other uses for molecular reassembly include sustenance, where people have small units to help nourish them while they sleep.

The unit is like a platform, a round platform and there is a coordinate tracking system to set it.

The last time Amygdala used the molecular reassembly unit was for transporting himself into the city for a meeting.


Earth is seen as being preserved, and the surface starts being given back to let nature just do its thing.

By doing so this improves the crystalline grid and allows Earth to sculpt herself more.

More habitable plateaus such as crystalline space cities within the atmosphere, along with orbital cities will be in use.

There is almost no cutting down of trees and the sabotaging of nature’s roots.

If people wish to have a dwelling upon the surface, they can use holographic technology to create a log cabin in the middle of the woods for example, which can be turned on and off.

The holographic wood, rubber and even plastics will still feel like the real thing.

The following timeline information was received via progression hypnotherapy sessions between 1970s – 1990s.

Absolutely no nuclear wars will take place until the 24th century when there will be a small cold fusion war.

Further geographical changes take place on the Earth’s surface, and the League of One is the democratic form of government for the entire planet, replacing the Western Federation and the Eastern Alliance.

Cold fusion and other free energy sources are now in use.


The following timeline information was received via progression hypnotherapy sessions between 1970s – 1990s.

Underwater cities, genetic engineering and interplanetary travel dominate the 26th century. We will have regular contact with extra-terrestrials.

Information pills will keep citizens well informed. The lifespan is increased to over 125-years. Sickness and disease are almost unknown.


We will have our own council upon earth, a council of 12. They will have no authority, they are more caretakers, focussed on natural fairness and equality.

Each of the 12 oversees a certain aspect of the collective. The New Earth Council communicates to the Galactic Council.

The council is likely to be all women and will be elders instead of younger. The council branches down into sub-councils.


The following timeline information was received via progression hypnotherapy sessions between 1970s – 1990s.

Throughout 2700-3000 we really start to branch out from Earth as a galactic civilisation to start inhabiting other planets and their moons in our solar system and beyond.

During the 28th century, the League of One is replaced by the Atlantic and Pacific Federations.

These groups are also democratic and are composed of the same nations that were a part of the old Western Federation and Eastern Alliance.

There are no wars, and people live to be about 150 at this time.


The following timeline information was received via progression hypnotherapy sessions between 1970s – 1990s.

Mark is Dr Goldberg’s Client.

Here we have the story of Elam, who is a 15-year-old boy in the year 2837 AD.

Elam lives in what we call Greenland today in an underwater city. Greenland is a member of the Atlantic Federation and this democratic government replaced the League of One during the 28th century about 100-years earlier.

Elam doesn’t have his parents because he is a test tube baby who was developed in an artificial host and never knew who the donors were. A type of foster-home approach exists here to raise these children.

The reason why he was selected as a test tube baby was to assure that he would have special skills and a potential for a productive career.

As Dr Goldberg progressed Mark forward, he found out that he was just average, and that the test tube baby experiment apparently failed in his case. By the age of 18, he was sent above ground to be trained as a pilot.

Now living above ground, he found that the monorails are fun and efficient in getting around town. For short local trips, they use teleportation stations in their dens and have larger ships for longer trips. Elam hopes to fly the larger ships someday.

They also have anti-gravity cars that travel a few feet to several 100 feet above the ground.

Elam was then progressed to the completion of his training as a pilot in his future job.

Unfortunately, Elam didn’t qualify for the pilot position for the large ships he had hoped for and instead works as a co-pilot on a Charter transport service that takes people to recreational areas and Resorts on the moon.

The craft mostly flew themselves via computers which made for a very boring trip. However, when arriving at the moon there is a layover of several days.


The following timeline information was received via progression hypnotherapy sessions between 1970s – 1990s.

This paradigm remains relatively stable through the beginning of the 31st century when we finally master time travel. At this time, time travellers from our future begin to go back in time to not only the 20th century but all the way back to millions of years into prehistory to supervise both our evolution and spiritual growth.

  • These time travellers (chrononauts) function as our guardian angels by placing attackers in suspended animation states to allow our escape.
  • They can manipulate our physical laws to assist us in times of need.
  • These chrononauts follow us from lifetime to lifetime. They trace our soul back to our previous lives and monitor our spiritual enfoldment.
  • The origin of these chrononauts is Earth from 1,000 to 3,000-years in the future.
  • The past 500-years has seen a significant increase in the quantity of their monitoring and abductions.
  • A state of suspended animation can be induced instantly on anyone they choose.
  • They have mastered hyperspace travel between dimensions and can move through walls and solid objects.
  • By existing in the fifth dimension, they can observe us and remain invisible.
  • They can levitate themselves or us at will. Genetic manipulation of our chromosomes is a routine procedure for them. They have greatly sped up our rate of evolution.
  • The less advanced groups make many errors with experiments, but the more advanced ones manipulate time and space with proficiency.
  • The ultimate purpose of these time travellers is to facilitate the perfection of the human soul to allow for ascension and the end of the karmic cycle. As we grow spiritually, so do they. They are us in the future.

There are many different beings from many different collectives who assisting us here and now but come from our future if viewed in a 3D linear way.

Some examples are Adronis of Sirius who is a future aspect of Brad Johnson’s own consciousness, 248-years in our future.

There are the Anshar and the Blue Avians, who Corey Goode has stated are us ourselves but from millions of years in our future respectively.

These beings (us) are here now to help create the most optimal temporal reality for Earth and ultimately our own timelines.

Past Lives Future Lives Revealed P. 217

The following timeline information was received via progression hypnotherapy sessions between 1970s – 1990s.

Time travel will be discovered in approximately the year 3050 AD by a man named Taatos.

He is the Hermes of ancient Egypt, and the very first chrononaut (time traveller) to use some form of hyperspace engineering.

Taatos was a brilliant scientist, artist, writer, and archaeologist and had many other talents.

Prior to his actually travelling back in time, holographic images were sent into the past.

This is why the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and so on, described visions by their oracles, soothsayers, and psychics.

Objects were transported back in time after the technology was perfected.

Finally, humans made trips to centuries past by way of saucer-shaped crafts through the black hole-wormhole-white hole paradigm.

Taatos was the first human time traveller. Following his success, four other chrononauts were selected to function as a team on this craft.

Their names were Geb, Isis, Osiris, and Horus. You may recognize these names from Egyptian theology.

When Geb, Isis, Osiris, and Horus had completed their missions in Ancient Egypt, they then either ascended or continued to help influence other timelines at different moments.


Code Name Randall is an Intelligence Specialist from the 33rd century who interviews a lot of people.

He communicates with other beings across different dimensions, to find out more about how intelligence furthers itself.

He exists in the astral body state approximately 5-miles underground Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

There is a small deviation of approximately 2-3% between our timeline and his timeline.

This information from Randall has been channeled through Brad Johnson.

He says that we are in for such an incredible journey.

That right now around this time of 2018 is the most prestigious of times, for it is when humanity takes its power back.

He says that in his time, there is a little less land mass around the area of northern California, that around 2-3% of it is underwater, and that it took quite a long time for that to happen.

Certain forms of islands aren’t in the area of the Pacific North West, around the areas of Oregon and Seattle Washington.

Some islands are no longer there due to a 29-degree axis shift which has affected the curvature of the Earth.

This will happen slowly and many will know the appropriate times to relocate themselves. So very few people are harmed.

He estimates there are approximately 2-billion humans and human hybrids upon the planet at this time. There is much more movement not towards population control, but to population management. The average is 1 child per parent.

There’s no form of education whatsoever. The education is more so through the individual. A child decides what they want to do with their life, usually around the age of 3.

They have created a science as it relates to manifestation, and they call it Coherency. So the 3-year-old children know what they want to start exploring, and so go forth and manifest certain situations with others they want to learn from.

The use of the Law of Coherency, on another level, allows them to teleport using their own consciousness by setting an intention of vividly feeling into the place that they want to go to.

There is approximately a 35-45% reduction in the number of predatory animals upon the surface than there are now.

This is because any such animal that feels that it has reached a state of accomplishment will go extinct naturally through nature.

However, the crystalline DNA archetypes for those animals will always exist, they aren’t gone forever.

There’s no more war. And the only challenge is how you can better yourself, and how you can better contribute to the collective whole.

There are no secrets amongst anyone anymore, which is part of the condition of becoming a 5th dimensional / 4th density civilisation.

They sleep for between 2-4 hours per day.

They do not eat as much as we do in the 21st century, this is due to an approximately 26-27% oxygen content increase throughout the planet.

This is due to the oxygen circulation between the north and south poles, which is done by processors in the Atlantic Ocean that convert H2O into oxygen, and then the remaining sea salt is used to cleanse the air.

So eating a single bean, would lead to feeling stuffed.


Past Lives Future Lives Revealed P. 227

The following timeline information was received via progression hypnotherapy sessions between 1970s – 1990s.

Here we have the story of Jon who is one of Dr Goldberg’s clients. Jon was progressed into a future life when he is called Kamar in the year 3478 AD.

Kamar is a 26-year-old living in Muvia and he’s at the training centre being educated on how to be a time traveller.

Muvia is actually the ancient continent of Lemuria or Mu located in the Pacific Ocean that sunk approximately 11,000 B.C. but surfaced some time during the 28th century.

By the year 3050 it was the seat of time travel research and Taatos’s work on discovering how to send first images, then objects and finally humans back through time.

At this time there are around 1-billion people on the planet.

This is truly a golden age. More advances will be made technologically and spiritually in that century than in any other in history.

The average age is between 500 and 900-years old due to an energy charging device called the alphasyncolarium that stimulates our adrenal glands and gonads to increase its production of the hormone DHEA.

DHEA is a sex hormone that functions as a major component of our immune system.


Past Lives Future Lives Revealed P. 219

The first time traveller Dr Goldberg met in hyperspace (the 5th dimension) was a pure human calling himself Traksa.

He lives in the 36th century on Earth when time travel is manifested by way of teleportation.

This means that Traksa can beam his physical body back to our century without requiring a spacecraft.

Traksa works with several people in our present time, Dr Goldberg included.

For more than 20-years, Traksa had guided Dr Goldberg during his dream levels to get the message out regarding time travel and spiritual growth.

Many chrononauts used cryptograms of their names representing their current mission. This name will often change as the mission changes.

For example, one of Traksa’s assignments consisted of introducing Dr Goldberg to Art Bell.

Art was the original host of Premier Radio Networks show Coast to Coast AM and a Sunday evening talk show known as Dreamland.

The listeners exceeded 20-million and the topics covered dealt with metaphysics, especially UFOs, and conspiracy topics.

If you spell Traksa’s name backwards it reads, ASK ART!

The mechanism of time travel by teleportation is apparently rather complex.

What Dr Goldberg discovered from Traksa and other teleporters is that they use a type of fifth-dimensional computer chip to determine precisely where to travel back or forward to in time.

They carry a small camera like device that connects them to a rather advanced master computer.


So there we have it!

For greater insight into what has been shared here, I would suggest checking out the following references, which is where I have gathered a lot of this information from throughout my own journey.


With special thanks to all of the below mentioned that have helped massively to influence this production.

Additional note to Adronis of Sirius and Brad Johnson: New Earth Teachings and Awoken TV, for sharing so much in the way of quantum momentum calculated future timelines, that has helped catalyse the bringing together of this information now.



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Many ET illustrations used in this presentation are from Vashtas Galactic Art, thank you Vash


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