A Really Good Undervalued Cryptocurrency Altcoin | Prophecy PRY

UPDATED: 27 April 2021

“one incredibly undervalued cryptocurrency altcoin that I am aware of is Prophecy (PRY)”

This article I had originally submitted as an answer to this question on Quora:

What are the undervalued coins in cryptocurrency?

What are the most undervalued coins in cryptocurrency? There are many, as have been shared on this board.

However at the time of writing 27 April 2021, one incredibly undervalued cryptocurrency altcoin that I am aware of is Prophecy (PRY) that started trading mid-December 2020.

The Prophecy Project is Built to Win. Its $PRY Token is currently a small market cap gem with some very exciting features about to be released.

The team at the root of Prophecy Project have worked on DeFi Top-100 Crypto Projects, and I personally sense they are here to make the best of it for the greater good of all.

An Altcoin Flagship Product Reimagining Finance

Prophecy is all about giving back to the world. Offering participation in their flagship product via their DeFi Prophet Pools dApp with an optional 90%, 80%, or 70% success rate.

Losers then get a 2nd stake with higher success odds.

When staking matures, the yield rewards are instantly released and available to stakers.

Built To Win 1.0

This type of system is what makes Prophecy PRY Built to Win.

Prophet Token with its unique Prophet Pools system is redefining finance within not only the cryptocurrency yield farming space, but also has ripe interest to the global gambling industry as a more predictable, valid and decentralised alternative to traditional gambling systems.


The Benefits of DeFi Yield Farming & The Appeal To Private & Institutional Investors

With DeFi yield farming offering 1-30% pa returns alongside the potential appreciation of a given contract’s token value, private and institutional investors are opening up to this new decentralised and more opensource market for savings and investments.

As more revolutionary altcoin projects such as Prophecy continue to pop up, I see the DeFi yield farming industry poised for massive market growth during the rest of this crypto bull-run and beyond.

Prophet Pools | The Appeal To Gambling Industry Consumers

Mainstream gambling industry consumers have an appeal to the budding DeFi profit pooling smart contract space because of:

  • the high-yield return potential;
  • the ability to set risk control unlike with some mainstream gambling services;
  • instant payouts;
  • and more.

Prophecy doesn’t market directly to gambling consumers, yet it is an obvious complementary market that can enjoy the benefits of the Prophecy ecosystem.

Community Driven - Future Focused

There is a strong Telegram Community and is one of the most positive crypto communities I’ve ever seen.

Proof Of Committed Decay

Prophecy utilises its own Economics Consensus (PoCD – Proof of Committed Decay) system.

Dynamic Burning | Built To Win 2.0

It has a deflationary model with a Dynamic Burning sequence that will continue for the next approx 2 years, meaning that the currency consequentially appreciates in value as the token supply burns down.


Prophecy Project has long-term ideas for charitable purposes for the betterment of humankind, and will be sharing these soon.

Personally, this aligns with my own intention of founding a charity.

A charity that enables people looking to make great change in the world. Who want to improve and help the lives of all.


While Prophecy isn’t the only promising DeFi project out there, it is one that has aligned well with me personally on what I consider to be all key levels for me.

I have not been paid nor sponsored for the creation of this content in any way. I just want to share a good idea when I see one, and the entry is still brilliant.

Not financial advice.

A video I made on how to buy Prophecy PRY

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