About Zach Hayter: Channeled Future Timelines

Zach Hayter provides spiritual, philosophical, and future prediction content, e-learning courses and mentoring.

Zach’s goal is to enrich minds with inspiring information about the highest temporal future realities of 5th dimensional / 4th density New Earth, and showing awakening people healing tools so they can help themselves to process their inner shadows to make their own ascension easier.

For people seeking spiritual guidance regarding;

  • Raising your vibration in readiness for The Solar Event
  • Trapped emotion / trauma healing for your ascension to the 5th dimension
  • Channeled future timeline predictions

Unlike many of the world’s religious teachings which have been distorted over the past few millennia and then dogmatised, Zach Hayter provides timeless spiritual guidance and quantum momentum calculations based on channelled information from benevolent terrestrial and extra-terrestrial beings, from 3D right up to 13D.

All Must Clear Their Emotional Baggage Before They Can Ascend To 5D

Since her birth, Earth has always been a 3rd density planet, the only planet in existence where complete human free will has been allowed. This was the primary experimental factor and intention for this planet, a place where Master Manifestors (yourself included) could come to experience this unique governing cosmic non-variable law.

The experiment has been vast and complex, spanning for eons. But right now, the density of Gaia is starting to change. She is shifting from 3rd density into 4th density, the 3rd/4th dimension of consciousness to the 5th dimension of consciousness. The entire universe has never witnessed a planet such as Earth with human inhabitants who have access to the full range of emotions, with the allowance of complete free will, as well as many other unique attributes, to shift its own density, along with all the planets inhabitants collectively, at the same time, in this way.

This beginning time of the shift in density, which started in 2012, is causing a mass spiritual awakening among the 7-billion people currently incarnate on terra. We are ‘waking up’ in portions at different times and will continue to do so for the next 20-300 years.

From their current life to many life-times past, many individuals currently incarnate are carrying heavy emotional baggage or energetic weight, that is now beginning to rise to the surface.

This emotional or karmic baggage is too dense to allow those individuals to vibrate with the 4th density / 5th dimensional energies that are continually coming to Earth in waves from the Sun, the galactic centre via the photon band and other multi-dimensional quantum light based energies.

As the integration with the 4th density light energies continues, these emotions will continue to rise to the surface of people’s consciousness, forcing those people to face them, accept them, forgive them and transcend those trapped and stuck emotions.

However most people are unaware of how this can be achieved. Some do not want to change either. But for those who do, there is help at hand.

There are many guides and spiritual teachers in the world who can assist with the ascension process and I am one of them.

I serve our human collective by spreading the knowledge of this timeless wisdom to help others along with their own spiritual life journey.

Contact me (Zach) today to discuss your needs and how I may be able to assist you.

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