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I’ve got a quick question for you …

Have you ever wanted to have healthier relationship dynamics?

Or greater states of natural emotional intelligence and emotional freedom from those debilitating heavy emotional patterns?

Empowerment in your work and purpose, and financial breakthroughs?

Come on … you know you want that lifestyle … the one the conscious community talks about …

Where you can lead a more fearlessly self-empowered life …

Less concerned with the next thing that might trigger you because you’ve already released much of the emotional charge around it …

Or where you have the inner freedom to walk and live your purpose?

So … why hasn’t it happened for you yet?

Come on … admit it.

This isn’t the first time you’ve been looking for a powerful way to go deep into dissolving your karmic imprints and patterns … is it?

When is it your turn to get a breakthrough with those internal areas that still won’t cooperate?

When you watch this video to the end, you’re going to discover one of the most powerful emotional healing modalities in existence …

Hey, my name is Zach. And not so long ago, I was just like you …

So, a few years ago there I was in the solitude of my car down a dark country lane, pulling these emotional knives out of my chest.

Shrieking and moaning like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

My heart and solar plexus were on fire from the rejection and abandonment I’d just experienced.

And there I was, blocked on social media once again by the woman I had infatuated myself with.

You see, just hours earlier, my twin flame chose to be with another man.

Her fourth man in a row over choosing me.

We had been talking for a few months, and my idealisation of this beautiful woman and our back-and-forth dynamics had me reeling in my insecurities.

Made worse by physically being half a world apart, I felt completely hopeless and powerless in my spellbound pursuit of her.

I constantly pushed her away through my disempowered controlling behaviour.

My intense emotions and my resulting need to control the situation overwhelmed me no matter what I did.

From my time studying the nature of karma and the law of attraction, I could see what was going on …

I knew that the only way out of this turmoil, was by going within.

I knew that I needed to process these crippling emotions that were causing this trauma response pattern to repeat again and again.

I knew this was the problem, but now once again, it was too late and the damage had been done …

That’s when I decided I HAD to make a change.

I was lacking a healthy relationship with myself …

So the only choice I had was to address my inner relationship first if I wanted a healthy relationship with another.

So, at that time the only tool I knew of to overcome these karmic emotions was the ‘feel it to heal it’ method.

But while ‘feel it to heal it’ does work, I later learnt it is only the minimum for emotional integration.

It left my inner-world feeling sore and my inner child screaming for more.

I YEARNED for a better way.

Surely, there HAD to be a better way.

Time went on, and shortly after arriving back in the UK from the tumultuous breakdown of that relationship.

Another woman came into my life.

This interaction brought about a new level of intensity within me.

A triggering event or two that surely had to peak what I’d previously experienced with the twin flame.

Something that would dig down deeper into my wounds not previously accessible to me, until the time was right.

While I had painfully integrated some layers of my abandonment and rejection wounds by simply feeling them out, they still ran deep.

The depths of my insecurities seemed immeasurable and continued to play out similar themes from before.

Through the enactment of my insecurities through my co-creation with this woman, she ended up cheating on me with her ex.

NEVER before had I felt so much rage.

Being cheated on was always one of my greatest fears, and it finally happened.

But this time, it was different.

I was different.

Around this time it all clicked in me what my teachers had been telling me all along.

Love and compassion … are the keys.

So when that seething anger was raging in my chest, instead of just ‘feeling it to heal it,’ this time I started cultivating love energy in my heart.

I repeated the affirmation, ‘I love you,’ dozens of times with heartfelt intention.

This process grew that love energy in my heart space from a small puddle, into a lake, then into a grand ocean.

The love engulfed the lack, washing it clean as it bathed in this ocean of love.

It helped soothe that emotional charge back into balance and peace, quicker and less arduously than ‘feel it to heal it’ alone.

A miracle, I thought!

It seemed I’d found what I’d been looking for all along.

Then some months passed, and the COVID lockdowns were in full swing, and so many people were struggling with states of anxiety, depression and anger.

People came to me seeking help with working through what was causing their suffering.

But while I knew that the practice of the love energy cultivation affirmation in the form of ‘I love you,’ was powerful, I also noticed in the format of a 1-to-1 session, it just didn’t feel right.

It didn’t seem practical enough.

And something about it also felt forced, like it was trying to convince a part of me into a vibrational frequency that was beyond itself.

Like the emotion was pining more so for acknowledgement and to be met where it was …

Instead of being convinced or forced into a frequency it wasn’t.

My resulting lack of confidence in this ‘I love you’ affirmation process left me resistant to keep putting myself out there to offer my service.

Yet again, I found myself yearning for a better way.

While I had a tool for helping myself, I knew I needed something more profound, more impactful, and more effective in a 1-to-1 setting.

If I was going to help people like this, I wanted to bring them the best. And I just felt I wasn’t there yet.

So, one day I was scrolling through my social media feed and came across the concept of ‘self-directed compassion,’ in the form of ‘I’m so sorry’ statements.

I looked into it a bit further, finding a generic process of releasing blocks around money.

I sat down and followed along, and after speaking the second phrase out loud, I started crying!

I was in SHOCK at the power of what I had just witnessed.

A system so inherently simple, but utilised the full force and power of compassion.

Arguably, the most powerful healing frequency of love one can experience within themselves.

I KNEW this time, without a doubt, I’d found the most effective and efficient emotional healing modality to date.

That was when I realised it wasn’t my fault that I didn’t have all the answers from the start!

Who would have thought that repeatedly apologising to my emotions from different angles would’ve been so powerful?

No wonder I was struggling!

For years, I had been told that love and compassion were the keys.

And while it helped a lot, the way I was implementing those concepts just wasn’t the ultimate ideal.

When I figured this out, I was finally able to break out of the one-sided love energy cultivation chains and get the results I knew I deserved.

The real problem, was that cultivating love energy in my heart to melt the emotional charge like I was accustomed to, did work …

But it just couldn’t go as deep as organised self-directed compassion …

Which would swoop down from its high-vibrational perch and meet the heavy emotional state exactly where it was.

This more compassionate approach didn’t involve convincing it, instead, it held space for the emotion by coming down to its level while ALSO engulfing it in warm loving heart energy.

This truly was the missing piece of the puzzle I’d been searching for this whole time.

Once I realised the compassionate nature and power of the ‘I’m so sorry’ statement, that’s when I was able to create a framework around it to heal more of my own residual trauma faster than I ever could before!

But it wasn’t just me. Take a look at what self-directed compassion has done for others …
[Kim Siltana video testimonial clip]

I didn’t realise when I started that not only does it effectively heal the underlying emotions, but with the right framework:

It tackles the root cause from multiple pain points allowing me to take my clients DEEPER and FASTER than other methods could …

And it can resensitise emotional numbness and unlock dissociated memories, making them available to work with …

It can even alleviate chronic physical health issues that have an underlying emotional root cause …

… All without years of therapy or endless coping.

And that’s why I created Compassion Hacking Sessions.

This ultimately took me years of searching to find all of the knowledge, resources and testing to piece it all together. But it was totally worth it.

It makes emotional healing so much easier, and more satisfying!

Inner-child work sometimes used to take me hours whilst still not finding deep resolve, but with Compassion Hacking, I can often get it done effectively in 30 to 45 minutes.

This approach doesn’t only work to heal challenging relationship dynamics:

It also works as a manifestation tool, so you can experience life-giving relationships, money and financial freedom, vibrant health, and material success.

It works as a healing modality, so you can actualise greater heights of emotional freedom from karmic emotional patterns that keep you stuck in abandonment, rejection and abuse cycles.

It works to get you on your life path alignment, so you can find meaningful work, your proper place and purpose, and spiritual enlightenment & growth.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what others are saying:
[Video testimonial clip 2]

But, before you get started, let me ask you a question …

Would YOU like to partake in a Compassion Hacking Session personally customized to you?

For the price of a typical specialised 1-to-1 coaching session, you can try a full 50-minute Compassion Hacking Session for yourself.

A package of these sessions, and in some cases, even a single session itself can potentially unblock within you the equivalent of what $1000 worth of traditional therapy session hours can.

In this context, the value of a single Compassion Hacking Session or session package can’t really be given a price tag, but even if I priced it at $250 …

And if all this did was free you to build loving relationships and find empowerment within yourself, would it be worth it?

If all this did was let you be more liberated from those chronic painful emotions and trauma responses, would it be worth it?

I’m not going to charge you $250.

I’m not even going to charge you my current regular price of $120.

I’m only going to charge you my special introductory offer rate of $97.

But you must act now because momentarily the introductory offer will be gone and instead will cost $120.

And after a while … the price will be going up to $140 or more.

Just imagine that version of you who has greater states of authentic emotional freedom, and can better regulate your nervous system to manage the inevitable contrasts of life.

So click on the button below right now, and you’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can enter the coupon code ‘LOVE’ to get your session for $97.

After you put in your credit card information, you’ll receive an order confirmation email containing a link you can use to book your session slot.

For those who are already booking, this is what’s going to happen next …

Along with the booking link, you’ll receive a separate email containing a link to a form you will need to sign before your session.

You’ll also receive instructions on what and how to prepare for your session.

For those of you who have a particularly strong emotional charge to work through over multiple sessions, I also offer discounted session packages.

You see … while I would love to help you, it doesn’t matter to me if you sign up right now or not.

I know that God, Goddess, the Universe has a plan for us all, and in my surrender to the greater will, I abide in acceptance knowing that I’m not here to help everyone.

However, without my help, your healing journey could be slightly harder than it has to be.

I know it sounds kind of harsh, and I do not wish that upon anyone, but I think you can see the truth in what I mean.
Remember, you get:

A full 50-minute Compassion Hacking Session bespoke to you where we will go to the root cause of what’s holding you back, and restore as much harmony to that younger version of you as we can, creating a positive timeline ripple effect to where you are now.

So, click the button below, and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

May all the love in the universe find its way into your heart.

Much love.

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