Zach Hayter provides Emotional Healing Coaching to help people love their inner world so they can thrive in their best version of reality

With his own unique modality of Emotional Healing Coaching known as Emotional Alchemy & Love Energy Cultivation, Zach Hayter helps people bring awareness to and heal those hidden aspects of themselves that are keeping their baseline vibration low.

This process is effective and efficient at helping them get ascension ready while unshackling the blocks that are keeping them from leading their best life.

You’re Only One Purge Away…

A Spiritual Mentor Specialising In Emotional Alchemy

Zach Hayter is your fellow source energy creator being aligned to helping with humanity’s shift in consciousness. He is serving our human collective by providing insight, teachings and assistance on Emotional Alchemy, Spiritual Mentoring and Personal Development with a spiritual philosophical twist. Zach realises the importance of helping people awaken, re-align and re-harmonise with their emotional bodies and minds at this crucial time in our collective evolution.

Healing From Emotional Abuse

If you’re looking to find healing from emotional abuse, then Zach’s emotional healing coaching may be for you.

To many, emotional healing is a new term and practice that in many ways is redefining the boundaries of conventional mainstream mental health therapies.

The type of emotional healing work that Zach does with his clients is unique in that it goes straight to the cause, the root, and effectively transmutes the heavy stuck emotions from lack into love.

If you’ve tried other ways of healing your past traumas or harsh memories from your younger years and past-lives, but have found little success, it’s okay.

I’d now like to invite you to try something fresh, something that perhaps you’ve never tried before, and something that with a little effort, can bring with it powerful emotional healing that actually sticks.

Have You Ever Wondered How To Do Shadow Work?

Need guidance on ‘how to do shadow work’ and love yourself like you’ve never loved yourself before? Book your free 30-minute discovery call today to see how I may be able to help you.

My E-Books & Courses On How To Heal Your Emotional Body

Have you ever been told that you need to love yourself more, but have never really known how to go about it? If you’re looking for ways on how to heal your emotional body and learn effective techniques on self-love, my self-help courses may interest you.

My Story

A Childhood Lack Of Self-Love

I was 8 years old, in my home in the UK where I felt so odd. My environment felt strange, my family felt different to me, like they weren’t a part of ‘normal’ society.

I would go to school, and this feeling of being ‘strange’ and ‘different’ because of what I observed in my home environment, quickly reflected back in how some of my peers treated me.

I gained weight because I didn’t love myself very much. I felt like an outsider who somehow wasn’t good enough compared to the other children because they came from what I assumed were ‘normal’ families.

I was bullied. For years, this feeling of rejection perpetuated and grew, through feeling it more and more within myself, and then more and more reinforced through the continued bullying.

Things Just Got Worse

I left school and went through college and university. Never truly going inward and looking at those aspects of my younger years that honestly, just felt like pain that I wanted nothing more than to forget about.

I came out of university and didn’t really strive for much. These traumas of rejection and abandonment were still dormant within me from my younger years, subtly, insidiously influencing my every life decision.

Not feeling worthy. Feeling like I only deserved the scraps of life, because that was all I’d ever known.

It was only after failing at self-employment, to the tune of never really being able to get my vision off the ground, combined with a failed relationship that ended because of my own trauma manifestations, that I knew something had to change. Yet, I didn’t know how or where to start.

Inner Revelation | Outer Revolution

In 2014 I had my first spiritual awakening. It was only then that I realised there was another way.

A way of self-empowerment and personal liberation. A toolbox offering that I could use to release myself from these chains that were dragging me through the same loops and cycles in life, keeping me emotionally blocked from where I felt I really wanted to be.

The Darkest Depths Led To The Brightest Light

So I began. I went in deep, sifting layer after layer of these compounded heavy emotional states from my childhood.

Bringing love into myself where it was needed most. Re-parenting, nurturing, and caring for myself in ways that no one else ever could. Not to this level of intimacy.

I got on my own side. I became my own best friend. My own father and mother, yet this time within.

I started viewing my external reality through a different lens. A clearer lens, less distorted by the pains of my traumas.

A level of self-love and happiness I’d never quite experienced before, and with that I experienced new heights in relationship that I’d never thought were possible for me.

The Hero Found His Way Home

So here I am today, a much stronger, loving, compassionate, version of Zach, who is here to help the world by showing them my path and the tools that I picked up along the way so that everyone else can experience the same.

If you feel a resonance with me, then by all means book a free 30-minute discovery call to see how I may be able to help you on your way to leading your best life.

Love to you all, Zach

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