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Paths To Ascension – Will I Ascend?

I believe paths to ascension include:

Love, compassion, community, companionship, appreciation, love of self, love of people, love of the planet, love of the creator, assistance, support, unity, enjoying life and healing of traumas. Overarching theme: Service To Others.

Traumas embedded within our chakra centres weigh us down. To ascend we must make ourselves lighter. A person must be at least ‘51% positive’ to ascend.

I believe paths to staying in 3rd density / 4th dimension include:

Corruption, manipulation, wanting power over others, not loving self and others, holding onto anger, holding onto pain, holding onto resentment, cutting yourself off from helping yourself and others, feeling better or worse than anyone else, obsessed with money and material wealth, conceited, selfish, greedy, using people for personal gain. Overarching theme: Service To Self.

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