How To Tune Into Your Intuition: A Guide to Heart-Centred Decision Making


As you journey through life there will be times when you hit a mental roadblock and draw a blank. This can especially be the case when you want to look into your future to conceive of your life’s purpose, or when you want to consider things that have not yet transpired. It can also be the case when looking into the past and struggling to recall a memory of a distant event.

When we have those moments when nothing comes to mind, or we feel lost in our thoughts, or out of ideas, this is often because we are relying too much on our limited mind.

This is why we have created this process, ‘How To Tune Into Your Intuition: A Guide to Heart-Centred Decision Making’.

This process invites you to listen to the intuitive guidance of your heart, shedding the weight of egoic thought, and allowing you to awaken to your deepest truths.

This exploration is a call to surrender your thoughts into the stillness of your light, detaching from the relentless cycle of overthinking that exhausts our minds and diverts us from our true path.

Herein, you will encounter the fascinating dichotomy of the higher and lower minds and learn to lean into the wisdom of the higher mind, which speaks in the language of intuition, present moment awareness, and the heart’s light.

You have an opportunity in practicing this process to gain greater clarity around your unique purpose, through learning to cultivate an unconditional trust in your heart’s wisdom.

After all, your greater mind already knows your purpose. So, are you ready to listen?

How To Use This Exercise Throughout Your Life

We suggest that you use and practice this exercise as much as you can, especially when you’re going through moments of requiring deep clarity.

The more frequently you practice this exercise, the more clarity you will feel in the direction of your life on the whole. You will just ‘know’ the right course of action, and the best steps to take next.

Take the time to be still and tune into your light, and you will likely have a much more satisfying experience with the insights you receive about yourself and your life.

Context Of The Exercise

Do You Talk & Listen To Your Heart?

To begin, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know how to talk to your heart?
  • Do you know how to listen to your heart?

If you don’t, then that’s what you need to start doing in order to tune into your intuition. You need to sit down and be quiet and be still and remain in surrender. It is to come into your centre. It is to realise that your heart can guide you through the flow of your natural intuition.

Surrender Your Thoughts Into Stillness

For you to be intuitive whatsoever, it comes through the nature of being still, being centred, being here, being now, being present. So it is when you let go of all of this baggage pertaining to thoughts that are trying to pull you back and forth like a tug of war, that you’re able to go into the quiet.

You’re able to surrender yourself. You’re able to come into the centre, and you realise that your intuition is now speaking to you. You will feel the impulse of exactly what you feel is joyful, that you wish to do.

The Limits Of Egoic Thought

So, we ask you, as you may be asking yourself at this time:

  • What is it that you want to do in your life?
  • What would bring you the most joy?
  • Do you want to be of service to others?
  • What education do you feel best suits you to achieve what you want to achieve?

You see, your intuition is going to be able to answer these questions. Your egoic thoughts are not. Your egoic thoughts are going to be like a dog chasing its own tail with all of those questions above.

Instant Knowing

When you are in tune with intuition, you instantly know the answers, just like that. As soon as we say the question, the answer comes. As soon as we ask you those questions, the answer comes. So, everything comes to you when you’re still, when you’re quiet, when you’re relaxed, when you’re centred. Rather than trying to figure out what you’re supposed to do next and go through this hay wiring of the thoughtful mind. That’s only what’s going to cause you to chase your own tail.

The Dog Chasing Its Own Tail

Rather than chasing your own tail, get yourself quiet. Because what is the dog chasing its own tail doing? It keeps moving, it keeps circling, and at some particular point, it’s going to exhaust itself and collapse. That’s what’s going to happen to you if you continue to follow the thoughts and think that the thoughts are going to lead you into your true heart path, which is impossible.

The Higher & Lower Minds

The only thing that’s truly possible is working together with yourself in harmony, and this is where you are moving much more into the higher mind, not the lower mind. The lower mind bases itself on thoughts and principles and idealisms relating to preconceived notions. It’s only aware of the past, of memory, of time, and again, that is not what’s going to bring you to a state of liberation. It is to get quiet, it is to get centred, it is to be here, it is to be now. 

Cultivating Unconditional Trust In Your Heart

For you to walk in complement with your heart’s guidance, you must first develop yourself to the point where you fully and unconditionally trust your heart. Otherwise, you will continue to feel like you have to go through these intellectual loop-de-loops of following your thoughts, getting lost in the past, getting lost through your memory, and feeling like you are just walking around in circles. The dog chasing its own tail. 

Your Greater Mind Already Knows Your Purpose

Rather than doing that, this is where the time of getting into that state of calmness and relaxation comes into play. Each and every single one of you has devised a purpose for yourself. This comes from the greater mind. This does not come from the lower mind. The lower mind doesn’t know of purpose at all, it can’t know it. Because all it’s doing is it’s too busy examining everything through its own narrow lens of what it has observed coming through the past.

Memory vs. Intuition

That’s why you have memories. Memory is all about elements that have happened, not anything that is happening. Happening, or what is happening here and now, does not contain memory. It contains intuition. Intuition is the present moment. So, rather than dwelling, thinking, and identifying yourself pertaining to past instances, it is time for you to look into yourself, to come into the centre, and just open your ears, open your eyes, open all of your inner senses, and letting the heart shine the light. So, as we stated, if we ask you a question, and you are fully in tune with your intuition, you will get the answer just like that.

Exercise Instructions

So let us now walk through the process of How To Tune Into Your Intuition.

First, you sit down.

You let yourself get quiet.

You surrender.

You bow to your own light.

You bow to the soul.

You are bowing to yourself.

You are honouring the light that you are.

You are honouring the heart that you are.

You are honouring the soul, the spirit that you are.

You are bowing to that presence.

And that is the nature of surrender.

That I am with the light.

That I honour the soul.

That I honour the spirit.

That I honour God.

That I honour the self.

And I’m not concerned with any mind-based tendencies.

I bow.

I am in reverence to the light.

I am in reverence to the heart.

I am in reverence to the soul.

I am in reverence to the spirit.

I am in reverence to God.

I am in reverence to the self.

And therefore, you will not be lost anymore.

It’s about being here in the heart.

It’s not being here, here, here, here, here, a dog chasing its tail.

You have to learn to get quiet.

Be. Quiet.

And centre.

And be as still as you can.

Just following the breath.

Not having any jerky movements as it were.

No jolting movements

Not trying to fiddle around

Not trying to scratch your head

Not trying to move your body in any way. 

Keep still and just be quiet and surrender.

Bow to your light.

Bow to your soul.

Bow to your spirit.

Bow to God.

Bow to the Divine.

Bow to the self.

Because you are honouring all that you truly are.

That is who you are, that is your nature.

Wait patiently.

Continuing to follow the breath.

Continue to sink deeper into surrender.

It is the membrane that is wrapped around the sphere of the mind, and you want to be in touch with this membrane of the mind because that is where the light of intelligence first touches.

The light of divine, infinite intelligence first touches the outer membrane of the mind, not the core of the mind itself.

Think of it like the pericardium that is wrapped around the heart, that membrane. That’s what you’re being in touch with.

You are being in touch with the membrane representing the higher mind so that the light just touches that and you’re able to feel it.

Whereas that light would take more time to go deeper into the denseness of the mind because it’s so solid, it’s so dense, it’s so thick.

You need to stay in the lightness, to where the membrane is, so that when that light can gently touch the membrane, you feel it right away, just like that. 

And the answer comes.

And the answer comes.

And the answer comes.

And the answer comes.

And the answer comes…

Because you are aligned with the ultra-intuitive instinct of yourself.

And believe us when we say that when you do this, the impulse for what needs to be done, or what needs to be known, will come through intuition. And you will know exactly what to do.

We wish you the absolute best in using this exercise to help guide yourself to your highest potential with greater ease and clarity.

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