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From Emotional Chaos to Emotional Freedom: How to Break Free from Your Hamster Wheel of Negative Emotions

What Does Emotional Freedom Mean?

What is emotional freedom? By my definition, emotional freedom essentially is a state of being where one is not feeling conflicted with overbearing or overwhelming emotional states that cause the individual to have uncontrollable reactions, which cause trouble and friction most noticeably in their relationships.

For example, consider someone who is extremely insecure and they’ve got a lot of fear around rejection and being abandoned. They’re so overwhelmed by this fear that they feel and think that they’re going to be rejected and abandoned.

Their emotional charge is strong in relation to that fear, in relation to that potential circumstance coming along, so much so that they actually create that circumstance. They actually create that rejection in their relationship. They actually cause themselves to be abandoned. Kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy, even though they don’t mean to nor want that to happen.

Why Does Not Having Emotional Freedom Suck So Badly?

Now, why is that so frustrating to someone? Why is that so difficult to deal with? I think it’s difficult to deal with because, and I know firsthand from my own experience with this, particularly in that example where I was once insecure about being rejected or abandoned, that I myself actually created a situation where I was rejected and abandoned. 

What makes it so challenging and frustrating is that you have no control over it. No matter how much you try and change your thoughts and convince yourself out of it. No matter how much you try and numb that emotion down. No matter how much you try and bury that fear inside of you into a dark corner somewhere and lock it away, it’s still there. It will still haunt you and it will still inevitably cause your relationship to break down. 

Because that emotion is so strong, that emotional anchor is creating such a magnetic force that it’s attracting its very own frequency of circumstances and events to be magnetised and pulled into your reality. 

If you fear being abandoned or rejected, that fear will gravitate you into living through that experience through the law of sympathetic resonance, also known as the law of vibration. What we put out, is what we get back.

And what’s even more frustrating is when you’re someone who’s aware of how this dynamic plays out, of how these quantum dynamics and mechanics work, and you see it happen right before your eyes. It’s like no matter what you do, you just want to have this loving relationship. You just want to have this relatively peaceful, happy, loving relationship. And no matter what you try, it’s just never happening. 

What Are The Benefits Of Emotional Freedom?

And so, what are the benefits of having emotional freedom, of embodying that state of being?

Well, first of all, you don’t have any of these incredibly powerful, heavy emotions anchoring you and attracting to you these experiences you no longer wish to have. You are free. 

The more that we clear out these heavy, dormant, stuck, stagnant emotions that often accumulate within us over long periods of our lives, especially in childhood, the more rewarding and satisfying it can be. It’s no longer about having those emotions weigh you and your experiences down. 

From Emotional Chaos to Emotional Freedom: How to Break Free from Your Hamster Wheel of Negative Emotions

Stuck On The Hamster Wheel

It’s almost like when you’re in those cycles of the same old events happening, the same old patterns repeating, the same old cycles of abandonment, rejection, and abuse. It’s like being on a hamster wheel.

You keep running on that wheel, you keep running, and the wheel never slows down. And you’re looking outside of the wheel and you can see the room around you and it looks so peaceful. The idea of you not having to constantly run on this wheel feels so peaceful. Yet, there you are, still stuck on the wheel.

Stepping Off The Hamster Wheel

So, how do we get off this hamster wheel of these patterns repeating again and again? Well, what we really need to do to achieve that kind of level of emotional freedom, where we are able to naturally step off the hamster wheel, is we need to slow down.

We need to stop running, running and running and running on that hamster wheel. We need to slow it right down to a stop, and by doing that, we are then able to face those emotions. When we can just sit still on the wheel for just a while or sometimes a bit longer, we can look inside of ourselves intently.

We explore all of our inner world, things that we don’t want to look at, the things that are painful, the things that repulse us, the memories of our past that upset us. And we sit with those things, we meditate on them, we breathe on them, we breathe through them, we breathe into them to let them expand and bubble up to the surface like an air bubble once trapped under the water. We are present with the emotions unconditionally. 

And most importantly, we bring love to them. We bring love to our inner world. To those parts of us that we chose to forget about a long time ago because they were too uncomfortable. Now we need to flip the script and bring nothing but love and compassion and care and awareness to those parts of us.

Why Is It Useful To Have Emotional Freedom?

And in so doing, when we do this enough over a period of time – however long a period of time that may be, whether it be short or long – we will no longer feel the need to keep running.

Well, why do we no longer feel this need to keep running on the hamster wheel? Because we’ve dealt with the thing that we were running from, the things inside of us that we were running from, that we never could really run from because they were inside of us the whole time. Wherever we went, those heavy emotions came with us, inside of us.

But now, through bringing love to those stuck emotions, those emotions are no longer heavy. Those emotions are no longer there. Their emotional charge has dissipated and it has neutralised. The memories remain. But when you think back on those memories, you no longer feel repulsed, disgusted or upset or angry or fearful. You may still feel a little bit and that’s okay, but you won’t feel that same level of emotional charge around those memories. Instead, you just feel calm, or calmer.

You’ll be able to observe those traumatic moments from earlier on in your life from a state of neutrality or relative neutrality. And so as we are there sat on the hamster wheel, we no longer feel the need to keep running.

Instead, we are now emotionally free and we realise we look around the room and look outside of the hamster wheel and we realise ‘I don’t need to keep running on this wheel anymore’. And even better than that, you don’t even think about running on the wheel because you have now created within yourself natural emotional freedom. 

You don’t even have to think about it because you have nothing else left in you to run away from. You’re now naturally going to magnetise to you the experiences that are no longer muddied through the lens of your distorted, heavy emotions. You’ll now naturally magnetise experiences to you that no longer have to be distorted through the lens of your past. And it’s authentic. You now have authentic emotional freedom.

And so you continue to look around the room from your hamster wheel, and now you feel it’s safe to step off of the wheel.

And you look back at the wheel. Once you’ve walked into the room and you say, ‘I’m so glad that I did that. I’m so glad that I took the time to go within and love those deeper parts of myself that I had neglected for so long.’

  • ‘I’m so grateful that I can finally enjoy life again.’
  • ‘I’m so grateful I can experience harmonious and loving relationships from all sides.’
  • ‘I’m so grateful I no longer feel stuck in my life, direction and purpose through subconscious fears and limiting beliefs.’
  • ‘I’m so grateful that my health is improving because I have shifted some of the underlying emotional root causes of my ailments.’

Emotional Freedom In A Nutshell

So that is in a nutshell, what emotional freedom is, it’s a natural, authentic state of being, which is not encumbered by heavy emotional states which would otherwise magnetise you into events and circumstances that you would not prefer. Emotional freedom is the ability to live your life in your purest expression.

How Do I Become More Emotionally Free?

How do we reach new heights of emotional freedom? How do we clear those emotions out of us, those longstanding stuck emotions, so that we can experience greater states of authentic natural emotional freedom?

Step 1 – Awareness

Well, at the baseline of it all. Step number one is awareness. First, we need to be aware of something. We need to be aware of a problem. We need to be aware of something that we do not prefer in order to do anything about it. We need to become aware of something that we do not prefer about ourselves before we can realise what we do prefer instead.

Step 2 – Acceptance

And step two is acceptance. We need to accept that part of ourselves that we do not prefer, whether that’s a part of ourselves, a part of our life, a part of our memories, something that happened in our past, or a part about other people or other things external from us. We need to accept that part of us as valid, and thus deserving of our attention.

Step 3 – Feel

Then third, this is the minimum that we need to do in order to heal our emotions, and that is to feel our emotions. It is to be unconditionally present and accepting of the emotions that we feel in any given moment to the best of our ability. If you only just felt your emotions through and gave them your complete undivided attention, without trying to change them, that would be enough. 

Step 4 – Love & Compassion

But in part four, you want to bring in love, you want to bring in compassion, to those emotions. This is what will make part three, simply feeling it out, so much easier, and will enable you to move through the emotion quicker.

For it is this part where you are bringing in the love and compassion that gives that heavy emotion what it desperately needs most. These heavy emotions are all rooted in lack, or rooted in fear, anger or sadness. All heavy emotions are all rooted in lack. And what is the opposite of lack? Love and compassion. 

So, when you bring love and compassion into your emotions on top of unconditionally being present with your emotions, it’s that combination that’s going to lead you to your greatest transformation. It’s that combination that’s going to lead to you experiencing the most internal harmony between your mind, emotions, heart, body, and soul.

Further Support

So, that is the basic framework of what you need to do in order to become emotionally free. Of course, there are many, many methods to which you can use to transmute, neutralise, dissolve, heal, and cleanse your emotions that I won’t cover here.

But if you would like to know more about one particular method that I have personally found to be one of the most effective methods I’ve ever used with my clients to great effect, I invite you to not wait around any more.

It can be such a hard journey at times when we’re in a relationship that we really want to work. We have a lot of great feelings about this other person. We want to just have a relationship that can bring us a stable, safe, and consistent sense of connection.

I know from my own experience how hard that can be, and how challenging it can be when the same old cycles keep repeating and you’re still stuck on that hamster wheel, unable to get off, no matter how hard you try.

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