1-to-1 Compassion Immersion Sessions

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Purchase a single Compassion Immersion Session, or package of sessions. During these sessions we will go to the root cause of what’s holding you back, and restore as much harmony to that younger version of you as we can using self-directed compassion, creating a positive timeline ripple effect to where you are now.


Compassion Immersion Sessions can help dissolve:

  • Challenging relationship dynamics,
  • Blocks to making money and living your purpose,
  • And emotional, mental or physical health issues causing distress

So you can instead, start living a life of:

  • Healthy relationships,
  • Empowerment in your work,
  • Financial breakthroughs,
  • Freedom from chronic emotional and mental health patterns,
  • And more!

Price Breakdowns – Currently On Sale!

  • 1x 25-minute £70 = £70 -£20 discount = £50
  • 1x 50-minute £120 = £120 -£40 discount = £80
  • 3x 50-minute £120 = £360 -£140 discount = £220
  • 6x 50-minute £120 = £720 -£270 discount = £450

Further Information

You will receive instructions in your order email on how to book the date and time of your session.

Calls and sessions are conducted over Zoom.

All sessions are recorded onto MP3 and sent to you via email after the session.

Check Zach’s appointment availability here:

1 review for 1-to-1 Compassion Immersion Sessions

  1. Kim Siltala

    Hello there Zach. I’m feeling lighter and brighter after facing the suppressed emotions that I didn’t realize were weighing down my heart space. You’re a radiant soul and I’m so grateful to have met you!!
    Hope you have a peaceful weekend 😇
    Kim Siltala

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